A water crisis in a pipless nation

7.2 rated earthquake

A 7.2 earthquake occurred January 12, 2010, destroying the surrounding cities. Many structures were destroyed, because of ground conditions, pipes are not an option. Only a few solutions have been brought up. The one with most effectiveness are Lifestraws, which help filter the available water, reducing the germs to cause illnesses.

How the earthquake affected the availability of clean water

Some people used to have underground tunnel type holes that provided a stream of water. Some also had above ground pipes to bring water places, but the earthquake destroyed those structures. One idea they can still use, is collecting rainwater, but it does not rain enough for the amount they need.

Getting water

The people need to go to small ponds to get water now. They also need to pick up the littlest water from puddles, even filling up bottles from manholes on the streets. The main concern is getting water, not money in the days the people of Haiti face.

The solution

Bringing water from the caribbean sea can be the solution to the scarce water supply, the water that they see but cannot drink. If possible, they can make a way to get the water flowing into Haiti, and clean it as well. If they can be successful with this project, Haiti may begin to progress.