Yellow Journalism

What is yellow journalism?

Yellow journalism is when reporters, magazines, and newspapers uses exaggerated false information to sell their product.

Scare Headlines

  • The article has big headlines.
  • The headlines aren't true.
  • Claim they have found pictures

Lots of Colorful Pictures

  • Pictures are in ful color
  • Lots of pictures
  • Questionable quality in the the headlines

Quotes from "experts" or sources or pseudoscience

  • False information on topic
  • Claims to have exclusive pictures
  • Claims to be the first

Emphasis on splashy, full color pictures

  • Photos are in full color
  • Pictures are large and fill up most of the page
  • Smaller pictures in bright colors.


  • Super Bowl of 2014 Seahawks beat the Broncos
  • Everybody thought that Broncos would win


Yellow journalism is everywhere. It has been around for a long time and it has a big impact on our way we read our material.

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