Samuel De Champlain

By the best: Zakir Baksh

Who Is Samuel De Champlain/Jobs

  1. Samuel De Champlain is a French explorer
  2. French navigator
  3. Cartographer
  4. Draughtsman
  5. soldier
  6. colonel administer
  7. Geographer
  8. diplomat
  9. chronicler

Samuel De Champlain was a Kristin, also he was called the father of new France. Sameul was the first one to find QC


  1. Faith
  2. Hope
  3. Charity
  4. Helene
  5. Etienne Brule
  6. Grave Du Pont
  7. August 3,1567,Cira brogue
  8. 25th December,1635,Q,C

What inspired sameul to come to Canada\The fur trade

He wanted to know what was out there. So king Henryiv told him go to Canada to set up a outpost. When Samuel De Champlain came to Canada he found out about this thing called the fur trade. so when he saw all the algonquin going to the tadossac people he wanted to make his own trading post so the algonquin can come to him first. So he created a trading post near the saint lawrence river. Also he wanted to find the north west passage

When the tadossac found out

So now the tadossac people were like "why aren't the Algonquin people not coming here. After that they found out that Samuel had a trading post they wanted now they wanted to kill him. Sameul de champlain found out that they wanted to kill him. So Samuel wanted to attack first. Samuel killed one of there guys and put up his head as a simble to Don't there fight me.


The Mohawks\Iroquis fought Sameul De Champlain because they went down the saint lawence river into there territory. The Mohanks killed a lot of Sameul allies but Sameul had guns. So Sameul sailed down the saint Lawrence river in 1603. Also when wendat ran out of beaver pelts he went into another terrotory the hadossenasee. So when they found out they had war Sameul had to support the wendat because he was in the wendat terratory.

Interaction with the natives

When Samuel saw these diffrennt people he wanted to find out they way the lived. So Samuel went up to the natives and he was kind a scared because he nevered met these people also the natives were scared. It was very hard for Sameul to interact with the natives. Samuel said "wow we live way different from the natives"

BC concered QC

In 1627 the BC people concered QC Samuel got mad when they came here so Samuel got so angry that they had war. The British won, now Samuel went to England to get back QC so they talked and talked and then they made there decision they would give back Samuel QC. When Sameul came back he he fell ill and died.

Trip to QC

When Samuel was going to QC he stopped at this placed called Acdia. In Acdia he set up a place wrere they can stay but it was very hard. So thats when they learned about the natives.


I hope u learned all about Samuel de Champlain
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