Stress Sucks

But IB is still awesome. Really.

So ...

I hear that you guys might be a little stressed. Small wonder considering all the deadlines approaching. This is an effort to bring a little perspective and maybe even levity into your lives. You are all such scholars and cool people ... you are admired and appreciated even if you don't feel that way.

Zach says IB is a family ...

It's true, you know. And families are complicated. Sometimes families don't get along because they spend too much time together and you start to see all the super-annoying things about one another. So here is a little activity to remind yourself what you appreciate about each another. Take a moment to fill in what you like about the members of your IB family. Then give your kind words to them. It can be anonymous and just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Relieve your stress

I know you don't actually have free time, but should you find yourself with a spare moment, here is a website for stress relieving games. They look fun, partly because they are categorized as either "relaxing" or "aggressive and destructive." Don't worry, I won't judge which variety you choose.