Our Amazing Library

By Nadav Heller and Gal Politzer

Our library

Our school library is in the 3 floor. instead of building an elevator that will use more power and ruin the environment, we walk up the stairs. This process helps us, our body and the environment. People should come to the library because its an intresting place where you can learn, explore and improve your knowledge, plus you get a good exercise walking up the stairs while you are helping the earth. Our school library is special becuase you can eat and hear music in it! The library is very unique so you should come to visit!
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why you should come to the library

this library is amazing!!!! it has the newest books!!! the library is the coolest place ever when you can read books, see movies, hear music and even chill with your friends. for those of you who wants to get in shape the library is the perfect place for you!!!!!
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