animal sentances with,subject,verb,and propositional phrases

What it takes to have a complete sentance.

The cat pounced on the mouse.
He chased the dog away.
The bear ate fish from the river.
We found a stray dog.
They saw a kangaroo.
The lion roared very loud.
The penguin slid on the ice.
The mountain lion crept through the forest.
We saw the rabbit run.
The cheetah ran down it's prey.
They went to the zoo.

The words: He, The bear, We, They, The lion, The penguin, The mountain lion, and The cheetah, are all of the subjects in the sentences above.

These words: pounced, chased, ate, found, saw, roared, slid, crept, ran, and went are all the verbs in the sentences above.

The phrases: on the mouse, the dog away, fish from the river, a stray dog, a kangaroo, very loud, on the ice, through the forest, the rabbit run, down it's prey, and, to the zoo, are all the prepositional phrases in the sentences above. Your sentences will NOT be complete without : subjects, verbs, and prepositional phrases.