Mrs. Boyse's Science Class

8th Grade PAP Science

I love October!!!

This weekend was a great one for a dorky Science teacher. I got to go with my son and his cub scout troop to spend the night at NASA. The ground was hard, but it was an awesome place and we had lots of fun!

This week in 8th PAP Science

We began our Chemistry chapter this week by studying the Periodic Table. I made some of their brains hurt on Tuesday by trying to figure out patterns to find a missing card. Many of them said they enjoyed it though, some did not. We looked at the history of the Periodic Table and listened to the Element song (If any of them decide to learn it, have them share it with me!) and we played a little Periodic Table Battleship
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Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" animated

StemScopes Assignment this week

This week StemScopes will once again be online. Most of the students did a great job on it this past week. They will receive their grade as soon as it is turned in. I am encouraging them to look at the ones they miss because theiy will see this information again. The assignment will be given on Monday and will be due Friday. THIS IS NOT A QUIZ! The students may use their notes or the internet to help them look up the information.

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