The Caddo

Their Story - Dior Hills 9-4-15

Who Are The Caddo?

Some people may ask, Who are the Caddo?

The Caddo are farmers who lived in East Texas. They grew plants, raised animals and scavenged for nuts. They made a confederacy and named our present-day Texas, "Tejas". There were two main groups the Caddo had. One, known as Kadohadacho lived near the Red River and down by Arkansas Border. The other group was the Hasinais. They were the ones who made Texas the name it is today. When they first named it Tejas would be pronounced as "Te-haas". In fact, Texas is a Caddoan word that meant "Those who are friends"

What They Ate

Since the Caddo were born farmers. They grew corn, beans, squash and other crops. Although some were even hunters! When the men went hunting for Buffalo they were gone for several weeks at a time. They would use tender grass that grew in the spring to attract dear and other animals for their hunting. They would search the woods for nuts, berries and even roots! The women would usually Plant and harvest the crops while the men hunted and built traps.

What They Wore

Many people may ask.. What did the Caddo wear?

The Caddo group wore leather, from buffalo, deer, bear and many other animal skins, they would tan them. They even grew their own cloth and made clothes and shoes out of that! Its quite amazing how they used their recourses to make a living. (:

Where They Lived

The Caddo lived in East Texas, and in huts, they would make their huts out of giant sticks and dried grass patches. Most people think that in the summer, they make underground houses to stay cool, as in the winter, they stayed above ground to make fires and cook without any real danger.

How did the Caddo adapt?

The Caddo group adapted to their environment by using the fruits, vegetables, plants, animals and many other crops for food, clothing and more. They used cotton for cloth, tanned leather for clothes and shoes. They used the animals such as buffalo, deer, bear and many more for food. As well as the resources that come with them. The trees could be used for their homes, and the walnuts made great snacks! The thing that fascinated me the most about them was the way they made their resources useful without wasting them.

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This video shows some details about what the Caddo made, and some other things you may not have known (: