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What's Going On In The World Of FA-PBG-Wk. of September 25th

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Progress Reports

All students in 1st through 8th grade received a progress report today. Given that we did lose seven instructional days due to Hurricane Irma, please understand there may be fewer grades in some subjects than we would expect to see at this point in the quarter.

Elementary students received theirs in their Friday Folder. Middle School students were given their progress report during their 1st hour class. The envelope that your child's progress report came home in must be signed and returned to your child's homeroom teacher (elementary and middle). If you have questions or concerns about the grades reflected on the progress report, please contact your child's teacher(s).

Updates from Coach D

This week in FA sports:

Monday, 9/25: Flag Football Game, Mirasol Park, 4:30pm

Tuesday, 9/26: Flag Football at Westage, 4:30pm; Girls' Volleyball Game, Home, 4:30pm

Wednesday, 9/27: Girls' Volleyball Games, Home, 4:30pm and 5:30pm

Thursday, 9/28: Flag Football Game at Imagine Chancellor, 4:30pm

Cheer leading tryouts will be October 2nd & 3rd. An Athletic Packet is required and can be printed from

The Dodgeball Tournament is scheduled for October 4th for Grades 3-5 and parents and October 5th for Middle School. More info. to come.

Franklin Faculty Birthdays-September

Ms. Elford- September 2nd

Ms. Silvestre- September 6th

Ms. Barrow- September 12th

Ms. Maret- September 14th

Ms. Gregoire- September 16th

Ms Ung- September 17th

Ms. Shockency- September 22nd

Ms. K. Johnson- September 29th