Elementary School Teachers

by: haley lovelady

all about teachers

Being a teacher requires a lot of patience and you have to really like what your doing! It can be really fun but at times stressful. To me being a teacher makes good money. being a common elementary school teacher you make about $41,750 and $64,890 per year.

If you would like to be a teacher you have to go to college for about 4 years.

a couple things you need to know about being a singer

Being a singer. Its fun at sometimes but then its not so fun the others. To become a singer you have to be able to sing of Couse but another thing is you cant ever give up! you always have to keep trying no matter what! if you make a mistake, keep trying. don't ever quit! Another thing is don't be shy! you have to be able to break out of your shell! you have to be able to sing in front of people!