Fondren Magnet IB School

August 2021 - Family Newsletter

MISSION: EXCELLENCE = Everyone, Everything, Everyday

Fondren Middle exists to give each child intellectual, moral, and social awareness that will inspire academic achievement, creativity, compassion, and global mindedness; thus, transforming them into independent thinkers and life-long learners who serve as a catalyst for change.


“Fondren Middle will empower highly effective global leaders to create a legacy of excellence for a more positive future today and beyond.”

Message from the Principal

Greetings Fondren families. I'm hoping this newsletter finds you well and restful from the summer sun and activities. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks as staff and students begin to return or have their first moments here. This year is unique as we are returning to the building from virtual learning due to COVID. For many students, not just incoming 6th graders, this is their first time in the building.

The building is ready to receive students and engage in meaningful learning daily.. We will be sending home a first day packet with every student with several documents for you to complete and return. We ask for you to complete and return by Friday, August 27, 2021. Many of these forms can also be completed on the HISD Connect. This is also the platform you can review your students grades.

Our new school theme is The Other Side of Hard. Our school mascot is a mustang. Our school colors are black and yellow.

Masks are mandatory at all HISD Facilities at all times. If your child comes without a mask one will be provided.

The doors open at 8:00 AM. No students should be at Fondren prior to 8:00 AM as there is no adult supervision prior to that time. We will serve breakfast daily until 8:45 AM. Students dimiss at 4:00 PM. We ask that unless a scheduled tutorial or event, your child be picked up no later than 4:15 PM.

Below you will find a link to the HISD Ready, Set, Go Plan in response to the current pandemic status.

I am so excited for the amazing things we have in store for our students this year.

I encourage you to be as involved as possible. We are a team and we want the best for every student here at Fondren.


While we understand vaccination for the COVID virus are optional for children 12 and older, we highly recommend. Here are links to resources for vaccinations.

Upcoming Dates


8/23/2021 First day of school for students

8/27/2021 All First Day forms due including VILS documents for Chromebook deployment

8/30/2021 - 9/15/2021 Renaissance 360 BOY Assessments Reading and Math


9/1/2021 - 9/10/2021 VILS Chromebook Deployment for students who have all documents submitted

9/1/2021 - 9/10/2021 Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment

9/6/2021 No School - Labor Day

9/7/2021 Open House 5:30 - 7"30 p.m. All Grades. This will a virtual event and the link will be forthcoming.

9/16/2021 Fall Holiday

9/17/2021 Teacher In-Service Day (no students)

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Verizon Digital Promise

Fondren is one of 16 HISD campuses awarded the VILS Digital Promise Grant.

This program builds both teacher and students through effective implementation and equitable access to technology for learning.

In addition to one to one Chromebook with built in 5G data from Verison for every student, we have been awarded the ST Math grant to improve math problem solving, STEM and discovery learning for our scholars.

Parents are required to complete the following Digital Citizenship Course below and fill out the Google document prior to their child being issued a device.



THE CARE TEAM - Student Services

We have three counselors on staff this year. They are here to serve our students from scheduling, to group or one on one session and just ensuring the social and emotional needs are being met for our students to be successful.

6th- Merriah Wilhite

7th - Makeeta Peters

8th - Marsha Wilson

We have returning to Fondren our Communities in Schools partner, Mrs. Earline Ringo-Fannie.

We will also have a Wraparound Service Speciailist joining our team soon. This person will work with the counselors, Communities in Schools and local partners to remove non-acadmic barriers to student success.

The Student Assistance Form (SAF) can be completed for any student in need of supports.



  • 1 container of Clorox Wipes
  • 1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer
  • 1 roll of Paper Towels
  • 2 boxes of Tissue
  • 2 boxes of pencils
  • 1 pack of blue/black pens
  • 1 pack colored pencils
  • 1 clear refillable water bottle (labeled with students name)
  • 1 flashdrive (1g storage)


The Fondren Uniform policy is flexible. Students may not free dress but if in need of assistance with uniforms, please complete a SAF. We will provide resources and/or uniforms so that all students come to school in the appropriate school clothes.


HISD Transportation is back up and running for qualifying students. Please see below of information and routes.

HB 4545

The 87th Legislature recently passed HB 4545 that requires accelerated instruction practices during the 2021-2022 school year for all students who did not pass the STAAR or EOCs in Spring 2021.

  • Students will participate in a minimum of 30 hours of intervention instruction per subject failed.
  • If a student did not take STAAR in Spring 2021, they will take a TEA Beginning of Year (BOY) assessment in September to determine if accelerated instruction is necessary.
  • Accelerated Learning Committees will be formed for each 6th grade student who failed a 5th grade STAAR assessment. Someone from the school will be reaching out to you next week if an Accelerated Learning Committee will be established for your student.
  • STAAR will no longer be a promotion standard and students in 5th and 8th grade will no longer have the opportunity to re-take STAAR Assessments.

Here at Fondren, we are providing students with accelerated instruction during ELA or Math content blocks as well as those scheduled for additional intervention blocks. Before/after school and Saturday tutorials will also be held for students requiring the Accelerated Learning Services as a part of HB4545. If a student passed all STAAR assessments in Spring 2021, they will engage in enrichment learning activities, including curriculum based projects, research projects, technology integration projects, and more while other students are in small groups. We will also host additional school days through Camp Spark in November and March.

More information on HB 4545 can be found here.

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