Police Officer

hannah groce

Nature of the work

  • Driving a lot
  • lots of paperwork
  • specific uniforms
  • must be able to operate a fire arm
  • you wont be able to ever break any law without losing your job

working conditions

  • lots of hours
  • pay is kinda low
  • very dangerous
  • you will be mostly in bad environments around bad people


the police force will expect to hire people who:


  • high school diploma or equivalent
  • go through the academy
  • physical training

job outlook

the police force's growth rate will be average because the employment growth rate will probably be below average.

the projected number of people who will be looking for jobs will be about the same as the number of job openings for the next year.

the retirement rate for this year will be higher than the amount of people joining the force.


average yearly salary for a police officer is around $56,000 for the average patrol police officer