Kakadu National Park Jim Jim Falls

Come visit today!

Why You Should Visit

Jim Jim Falls is a breathtaking sight for the eyes. It is a great distraction from the real world so you can just focus on beauty of earth. Jim Jim Falls is a very relaxing place where you can listen to the sound of the water crashing down and wade in the Jim Jim pools. Everyone is visiting this magical place, so come join us on the adventure!

The Kakadu Jim Jim Falls


The Kakadu park is open all year round, but the best time to visit the falls is from April to October, or during the "dry season." Since it is very busy during this time, it is wise to book your stay at a nearby hotels so you can have a stress free trip.

Where's it located?

The Jim Jim Falls is located in the Kakadu National Park in Arnhem Land, Northern territory, Australia, and is within the alligator rivers.


The Jim Jim waterfall is a creek that falls from a high point down into another body of water. At the bottom, it has wonderful vegetation feeding off of the creek making the scenery irresistible to ignore.


The Kakadu park was founded in 1981 when Australians wanted to preserve more of the land so the environment would not fade away. Based on all the sea cliffs, it is believed that 140 million years ago Kakadu was under a shallow sea. This has not been approved yet but based on the evidence, it is highly likely.
Kakadu National Park's rock pools

Fun Facts

-kakadu has six seasons based on thousands of years of aboriginal knowledge

-the waterfalls elevation is 1,080 feet above the pool below