Top 5 Must See Places in Beijing

Forbidden City ( the Imperial Palace )

  1. If you visit the forbidden city you find out the myterious face of Beijing.
  2. When you get there make sure to use comfortable shoes.
  3. if you pay extra money, you have a guide escort you and tell you the stories behind the palace.

Tiananmen Square

  1. If you get to the Tiananmen Square, you are in the heart of Beijing City.
  2. For the young troops perform, If you arrive 30 minutes earlier, you get a good standing point.

Great Wall at Badaling

  1. If you climb to the Great Wall, you are visiting the eight sections of it.

Summer Palace ( Yiheyuan )

  1. If you visit the summer palace, you get why is a royal garden most completely preserved with richest landscapes and large compact buildings.

Temple of Heaven ( Tiantan )

  1. lf you get to the Temple of Heaven, you are in the southern of Beijing City.
  2. If you get there in the early morning, you find many people doing all types of kung fu and taiji and other morning exercises.

Beijing Capital Museum

  1. If you don't visit a museum, your trip to Beijing is incomplete.
  2. If you are in this Museum, you enjoy 13 concurrent exhibitions.
  3. If you start the round at 8 in the morning you are free by 1:00pm.