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Things to know....

  • Enjoy the long weekend- take some time to SHARPEN THE SAW!
  • Think win-win and help us make our First Annual Blacklight Run a success for all! Please email Kellie ( to let her know you can help (we will probably need people from about 5:00ish-7:30)
  • During our Leader in Me Collaborative day today, Sandie and I realized that in order to begin with the end in mind the best use of part of the Leader in Me coaching day is for the Lighthouse Team to meet with her to share our campus plan and what our action teams are doing. We still really want teams to have an opportunity to meet with the coach and learn about the new Core Paradigms so we have scheduled a "Lunch & Learn" time. Here is the schedule:

Kinder & 2nd - 11:00-11:30

3rd & 1st - 11:45-12:15

4th & 5th - 12:30-1:00

(The lunch schedule will run as usual but at the designated times above teachers will leave their duty and go to the Community Room where we will provide Pizza while you learn from the coach)

  • In order to make the above work, we are going to need to synergize to cover lunch and recess duty. Support folks - please email me times you can help cover lunch/recess so we can make sure we get everything covered - but remember to set aside a time for you to attend the training too!


  • NO school - enjoy the day & Sharpen the saw


  • Report cards go home tomorrow - please make sure that you have comments on your report cards for EVERY child :)


  • PK-5th Parent Reports go home
  • Report cards go home today
  • 3:10 - Faculty Meeting


  • Blacklight Run - 6-7 (email Kellie if you can help between 5:00-7:30)


  • Leader in Me Coaching Day - Coach will be touring the building
  • District meeting will be held at Reed from 1:00-4:30 in the Motor Lab


  • Time to join the Reed Leader in Me Google Community! This will be a great way for us all to share LIM ideas, books, strategies, but first we all need to JOIN! Here's how:

    On your Google homepage, go to the menu on the right hand side (9 squares), and choose the red Google+ icon. On the left hand side, click on the Home drop down menu and choose Communities. On the communities page, search Reed Leader In Me. and click Ask to Join. Susan Hansen is the "owner" and will grant you access. Second grade team is already 100% connected! Which team will be next? We will check on Friday, January 22 at 12 noon (tick tock!) Any team with all members registered will receive a special treat for your team on the following Monday, January 25th. Get going! - Amy J

  • It's a fabulous feeling to go into a meeting with campus and district staff and having the campus staff prepared with plenty of data to share with the district staff. The district staff even thanked them for being prepared to share their case. Way to go Amanda Wilim, Anne Phillipson and Jessica Talley! - Sofie

  • Thank you to Kellie for extending grace when I let time get away from me and didn't get the flyers out last week for the Blacklight Run! - Lisa

  • Thank you, in advance, to all of those who I know will step up and help with the blacklight run as well as helping cover lunch and recess. I feel so blessed to work with a staff that is willing to pitch in and do whatever it takes!! - Lisa
  • I would like to send a shout out to Mrs. O'Keefe for my crown & Ms. Gonzales for her artwork! Now I'm rocking a huge crown, & feeling REALLY ROYAL! - DJ
  • Thank you to the Blacklight Run Committee for brainstorming logistics for the run. Working with such enthusiastic friends makes events like this fun and less nerve wrecking! - Kellie
  • A big thank you to Marquina for taking over PE on Monday while I was out with a sick child. You are SO appreciated Marquina!!!!!!!! - Kellie
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Happy Birthday to...

20th - Susan Hansen

21st - Ginger Ross