Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

January 11-15!

Literacy Activities!

This week in Language Arts we focused on long vowels. Using picture cards they sorted long vowels into correct columns of long vowel letters a,e,i,o and u. Using a big book they chose words from the book that had long vowels and named the long vowel from the word. During centers they practiced long vowels using a file folder game with picture cards. They sorted the picture cards, and wrote the long vowel words in sentences. They also completed a picture card sort with long vowel phonics cards and the listening center this week. At the Listening Center they listened to a story on tape, and completed a worksheet with the book.

Math Skills!

In Math we continued working on coin identification. Using the projector we played money bingo to identify pennies, nickels, and dimes. Each table group had one Bingo Card to share and worked together to find matches on their boards to the amount and type of coins presented on the projector. We will continue to work with coins and introduce adding amounts using different coins together in multiples.

Science/Social Studies!

In Social Studies we discussed Martin Luther King Jr., and why we celebrate his birthday as a holiday. We read a book about his dream and how he changed America. Everyone created a craft project and wrote a sentence about him. In Science we talked about using our five senses. They discussed how each sense is important in its own way and made a class list of ways we use each sense. Lastly, we completed our St.Charles Community! Everyone did a great job following directions, choosing their buildings, and putting them together.

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No Kindergarten next Monday January 18!

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Report Cards January 22

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