Mrs. Stephenson's Stars

September 18-22, 2017

Notes from the teacher

Thank you for signing up for conferences-I had 13 as of Friday! You should receive confirmation via We'll be going over the progress report of your child, as well as progress in reading and writing scores not yet put onto the parent portal (gradebook). Let me know if you need to make any last minute switches in times!

The book fair is coming-Flyers will be send home with our buying time in the homework folder. We'll soon make our "wish lists" by visiting the fair ourselves (9/26). Because of this, book checkout will not resume until Oct. 7th!!!

CogAT testing is this Mon-Wed, for approx. 45 min each morning. This test is nothing to worry about "studying" or "passing/failing", but is an intelligence-based test that compares our kiddos with others across the state and nation. Per the PTA handbook, no visitors are allowed for lunch during these days! Thank you.

Our students have an amazing opportunity to participate in the Promise of Gwinnett Writing Contest!

The theme of this writing competition is The Promise of Gwinnett. While students are not responding to a specific prompt, they should write about “promise.”

For example:

· How do they show their potential?

· How do their families encourage their dreams?

· Why should people strive to fulfill their promise?

· What promises do public schools make to their students?

· What do they hope to do with their education?

Entries may include: Short Stories, Poetry, Essays, Expository Writing, or Personal Narratives

This must be an original work that students create without the help of others. Edits and revisions should be the work of the student.

All entries must be submitted by Sept. 29th.

Let me know if you are interested!

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Class parties and events

Thank you to Mrs. Erskine and Mrs. Sims, our room moms! A note was sent home from them via email. Thank you also to the parents for signing up for helping in the classroom, desk fairy, and guest readers! I can't do it without you!

Upcoming events

9/18-9/20: CogAT testing (letter went home in Friday folder)

9/22, 9/29: Library closed, no checkouts due to book fair (make sure and visit the Gwinnett Co. Public Library or access ebooks on your child's eclass!)

9/25: Book fair wish lists made

9/27-9/28: Book fair buying, Early release, 12:15pm

Our focuses this week

Reading: We'll look at non-fiction features this week-I'm challenging your kiddos to "shop" for nonfiction books and magazines in the classroom library! We'll continue comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction books so make sure you also highlight these similarities and differences when reading nightly. With CogAT testing taking up our reading block Mon-Wed, I'm going to try and meet with as many as I can in reading Thur-Fri. Continue to read library books, A-Z readers, or ebooks through our media catalog! Click "Media Catalog" on eclass, then "Follet Shelf", located on the top of the page. Username and password will soon be emailed or texted to you!

Writing/Grammar: We'll have our first publishing party on Wednesday-pictures to come on Class DOJO! I'm so proud of the students each time we publish because I know how hard it is as a writer and the time that's taken to produce each piece! Information on this genre and grading will be shared at conferences, but we'll be moving on to our next and final piece for narrative writing. I noticed a class goal is to write "small moments"-a seed story- one little memory out of a larger memory and exploding just that moment with its own beginning, middle, and end. This will be our renewed focus. Grammar will review skills we've covered, including proper nouns, capitalization, adjectives, and context clues. This week's eclass hmk will help review for our next grammar grade.

Word study: This wasn't in our schedule last week so we'll makeup what was missed last week: compound words with air- and any-.

Math: If you experienced continued difficulty with the Google doc on last week's eclass, no worries! I'm making this our activity to complete in stations in-class before our daily grade on comparing numbers.We'll then review a few days for our next unit test so a completed study guide's going home Thursday to look over. The test will be Friday.

Social Studies: The kids did a great job creating their own maps (with keys/legends!) of their own choosing: an arcade, an aquarium, and a bedroom were the top choices! Come see at conference time. We've now moved onto our next focus: GA regions and rivers! There are 5 in GA: Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, and Blue Ridge Mtns. The Savannah and Flint are among the rivers to learn.


Please turn in any remaining reading logs from last week on Monday. Aside from the language and math spiral review, check out my eclass course page to try out the context clues or Proper Noun games. Study for the Math test Thursday night.