Gregor Mendel

Founder of science

Who is he?

Gregor Mendel is a genius scientist who studied different traits and hybrids. He was also later on known as the father or genetics because of his amazing research he did.

Early Years of Mendel

His successes

  1. He was recognized as a gifted child and sent to boarding school in German Town or Opava.
  2. He finished his degree in 1853 and returned to the monastery. His Struggles
  3. He needed money to continue his education
  4. Mendel could not pass the very tough teaching exam. He failed the exam over 4 time.

Experimental Design

Gregor Mendel crossed different colors of pea plants together to see what they would make.


  • Mendel wanted to use Pea Plants because it was faster then most other things
  • When he mixed the green and yellow together the yellow showed up more in color then the green ever did.

Mendel's data

  • He found out that the yellow was dominant and the green was the recessive trait.
  • The ratio for his 7 traits he studied were all 3:1
  • Also the yellow color showed more then the color green did

The Scientist's Reactions

  • Some scientists didn't understand how the experiments with pea plants could be applied to other organisms. The didn't do much with his research and data that he had found.
  • After awhile some of the scientists began looking into his data again 16 years after he had died.
  • Scientists have identified a number of traits that were described by Mendel. His work was later on known as the foundation of understanding genetics.


"Though his work on pea plants discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance." He found out that genes came in pairs and are inherited, they get one from each plant.



  • A gene that will over power another type of gene
  1. Example: The blue eye gene over powered the green eye genes so the kid had blue eyes.

  • The gene that gets covered up by the dominant gene
  1. Example: Sense the blue eye gene was dominant the green eye gene was recessive.