The Manning Weekly Newsletter

September 21, 2018

Dear Families,

We could not be more grateful for the hard work and long hours our teachers and staff are putting in day in and day out. Many of our teachers arrive at school early and/or stay well after the last bell rings. These first five weeks have been incredibly smooth, which is an attribute not only to how hard our teachers are working, but also to how much they care about our students.

So far, we have had a smidgen of discipline referrals, indicating thoughtfully prepared learning activities which engage our students, complimented with a desire to get to know each of them on an individual basis. I suppose it helps that our kids are amazing, too!

Today flew by with shorter periods and an early release, but after all the students left, our teachers met and shared some excellent things occurring in our classrooms. Please take a look at this Newsletter to get a glimpse of what's going on at Manning.

David / Mr. Luongo

We Need Parent Volunteers for Vision & Hearing Screening

We are in need of four or more parent volunteers to help with the vision and hearing screening on Wednesday, October 10th at 8 am. The whole process should take about two hours. If you are interested in helping us out, please contact Bertha, our clinic aide. Thank you!

Bertha Heesacker

Clinic Aide


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Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up soon! We have heard from many of you that the arena-style parent teacher conferences of years past have felt impersonal and hectic, and that you spent a great deal of time standing in line to see your student’s teachers. We have also heard from teachers that it’s difficult for them to have the conversations they need to have in that kind of boisterous, public environment. Furthermore, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our redesign of conferences last school year, so we are going with the same format this year:

SCHOOL SCHEDULED CONFERENCES (come if you’re invited):

  • Wednesday, October 10 from 4:00-5:30 and
  • AND Thursday October 11 from 5:30-7:30
  • During these times, each teacher will have 8 minute, scheduled individual conferences with families of students they’d like to have more extended, specific conversations with.
  • If you are the families of these students, either an administrator or counselor will contact you to schedule an appointment with the teacher requesting a conference. These invitations will come to your email by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 2.

OPEN CONFERENCES (come when you can):

  • On Wednesday, October 10 from 5:30-7:30 and
  • Thursday October 11 from 4:00-5:30
  • We will have open times for families who do not receive specific appointment requests; that way, you will still have the opportunity to visit with teachers in their classrooms, even if they are not requesting an individual conference with you at a specific time. Also during these open conferences, our counselors and administrators will be available in the library to share your student’s NWEA MAP (our district wide assessment) results and help you make sense of them.

We will schedule appointments with those parents whom teachers are requesting to see by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 2. If you have not heard from one of us by then, you can assume that you do not need to attend the individual conference times and that you are welcome to come during the open conferences to meet and talk with teachers. If you would like to request to see one or more of your student’s teachers for a specific concern, please email me so that we can discuss what time might be best.

The Manning Girls Cross Country Team

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6th Grade Book Tasting

They're not eating books, but Ms. Garcia-Lee set up her classroom to resemble a restaurant. The menus were actually graphic organizers, where students could record notes on up to four different books their classmates are reading. Students rotated through partners, sharing the gist of the book they finished reading and whether or not they would recommend it. This was a creative way for students to get excited about reading new books!
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Our STEM Classes Invited a Guest Speaker... a Real Life Aerospace Engineer (and former Manning parent) ~ Our Kids Were Blown Away ~

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Full Immersion in Spanish Communication

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Mr. G will only speak in English at the beginning of a unit, when he is introducing a topic. After that he only answers students' questions in Spanish, besides saying, "Yep" or "Nope." He encourages his students to try limiting their English as well. It's the best way to learn a language!

Mr. Beaty Keeps Track of an Elimination Bracket during His Flag Football Tournament

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6th Grade Element Exploratorium

The 6th Grade Science Department would like to thank all parent helpers and Manning staff for making Element Exploratorium a success. A big thank you to all of our scientists for participating and creating amazing models, foldables, and comic strips.

Sources of Strength Peer Leader Training

No School on Friday, October 12th

Please be aware that JeffCo has a scheduled fall break with no school on Friday, October 12th.

Art Club

We are offering a new after school activity, and it's the Art Club! The Art Club will meet after school every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, beginning this Tuesday, September 18th.
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West Woods is Inviting Manning Students and Families to Their 5K Fundraiser

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It's Not Too Early to Sign Up for Basketball

Update from Our PLC Wednesday Afternoon

This past Wednesday, our teachers met in grade level teams to discuss:

  • a challenge from our Superintendent Dr. Glass, who wonders what it would look like if we devoted a week to authentic performance tasks/projects where students could follow their passions and present to an audience. What might this look like at Manning?
  • the concern that our students are bringing home an abundance of homework and how we might be able to balance or stagger this amount
  • next year's bell schedule (in terms of block days vs. regular days)
  • students who are underachieving and ways we might intervene academically and/or behaviorally

October 3rd is our Big Day!

October Count is coming! Please be aware that October Count for this year is Wednesday, October 3rd. Please refrain from making appointments or family vacations on this day. It is imperative that all students are in attendance for this day, as this is how we get our funding for the year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Preston Baker and James Roll found money on the ground and returned it to the owners. (It was twenty dollars).
  • Preston Baker saw a twenty dollar bill being dropped and then he ran after the person and handed it back.
  • Sean Lann found someone's lunch bag on the floor, but knew which locker it should be in, and let me know so we could put it in the locker.


  • Magnus Peterson put forth great effort to come in early to study and get help in preparation for a quiz we took in SS class.
  • Addison Helms helped hang up all the quotes until 5pm.
  • During science on Friday the 14th Keira Davis decided to go to Ms.Putnam's class to finish her test during access. Keira doesn't like to do her homework at home, but she wanted to do well on the test. She loves access but decided doing well on her test would be more important. This shows her effort for science.
  • Magnus Peterson resisted his greatest urge to not talk or play games after his test in Mr. Crawford's class, and sat still and respected the substitute during the entire class period. When Magnus got his test back, he was delighted to see he had aced the test, and he attributed it to his ability to focus during the test and not go off topic at all during the quiz.
  • Michael Gifford had finished what he had to do in science and he was making up the homework that he had to do while he was sick.
  • Carly Brandes goes out of her way to keep her work organized! She uses a planner and teacher websites to stay up to date and keep on track!
  • Dustin Hendricks, Jesse Laraque-Two Elk, and Wyatt Johns picked up trash on their way back inside from recess.

  • Ms. Agard is always putting effort into everything she does she puts passion into her work and is always in a good mood whenever and wherever she is and is always able to put a smile on anyone's face.
  • In the morning, Reina Klatt held the door for everyone from 8 to when the bell rang.
  • Gordon Himes picked up a ball that wasn't his after recess.
  • Gordon Himes picked up a piece of trash that wasn't his.
  • Noah Witte is always showing effort in classes and is a great role model for others.
  • Noelle Jefferson for putting up inspirational quotes on every locker in the school, and making over 700 quotes in one weekend.
  • Ryan Schlegelmiltch rallied from behind! He came in early, he took his work home, he got help and support from family and teachers. Bravo!!
  • Mr. Grenawalt always goes the extra mile to help us with anything we need, even if it is in a different class other than Spanish. He lets us actually talk in Spanish, and help us learn that way.
  • Mr. Hughes is a team player who is thinking of our Photo group as a whole. He is a forward thinker and easy to work with. He is developing his Post Production Photo class from the ground, up, while also coordinating with the rest of us on the Photo team. I appreciate his efforts, achievements and teamwork so far!
  • The lesson that Ms. Cahill gave us on Campus was highly effective and has positively effected my daily function. THANK YOU CHERI for going the extra mile and being an expert for me!!
  • Mary-Therese Hoyt was helping me and some other people in one of my classes and always participating and on track.
  • Peyton McConnell picked up a sixth grader's stuff when they dropped it.
  • Mrs. Moore’s class pet snake got out, and Anneke Powell made sure to tell everyone to be on the lookout for it, and helped Mrs. Moore look everywhere for it.


  • Maizy Hoffman is really smart. She always gets high scores on tests, and is very rich in kindness.
  • Kit LeBlanc uses his time wisely to get his work done at a quality level.
  • Aubrey Pasquale always asks for clarification about work and articulates her reasoning when problem solving. These strategies ensure she gets quality learning done.
  • Owen Berg did a great job in Spanish on Tuesday, since he asked questions about the online learning game and got a lot of the questions right.


  • Violet Zetlmaier respected me and my choice to go sit by the one kid she wasn't really friends with and she respected that person.
  • Reina Klatt held the front door open for all students on Monday morning for about 20 solid minutes.
  • Eliana Angelino is kind to everyone she works with. She considers how others feel, and she reacts with empathy.
  • Elsie Morris was handing out candy to people that said “Good morning” to her!
  • Maya Marfil Smith stopped in the hallway to close someone's locker.
  • Mr. Grenawalt represents respect because not only is he a great teacher but he always admires students' hard work and is always behind us supporting everything we do.
  • Avery Holley is super caring and sweet.
  • Carolie Eldridge picked up trash off her table that wasn't hers.
  • Maya Marfil Smith helped a friend get their locker closed because it was stuffed so full.
  • While online students Sam Christiansen, Max Siegall, Cooper Dougherty and Lillian Skidwell all went to Pleasant View Elementary to help with their field day, Thor Hansen, Makayla Pedraza, Chloe Heath, Alex Novello, and Payton Perrin all cleaned up the auditorium from all the trash left by kids.


  • Ms. Austin is a clear communicator and extremely easy to work with. I has been my pleasure to work with her so far this year.
  • Ms. Snow lead with a calm and caring heart with both students and staff. She is understanding and I know that she is on my side.
  • Gordon Himes did a project in science with me and we finished on the first block day and he did a lot of work.
  • Jordan Beecher helped me with homework I was confused on.
  • Soli Ficco helped a kid with their books.
  • Caden McNew, Ryder Williams, Jacob Skwarek, Violet Zetlmaier, and Maddie Walton. All of these wonderful people are my friends, but that's not why I nominated them. I nominated them because they try really hard to make me and everybody else happy. They work really well with new people, and they always are respecting and working as a team.
  • Elaina Roboff never excludes someone in W.W. and always has a good attitude towards working with others.
  • When Jack couldn't open his locker, Avery Mercer went to go tell a teacher so he could eat his lunch because it was jammed.
  • Mrs. Hughes allowed one of my students to work on a make-up assignment in her room during tutor time when I had duty.
  • It is clear that Ms. Evans and Ms. Edoff are a good team. It has been my pleasure to see them in action. Karen has been particularly helpful with each of my ba-zillion tech questions. Both Karen and Gage have accommodated our Photo class and have supported us every time we have needed something.
  • Kate Kringel was very nice and helpful.
  • Ms. Putnam for always helping her students out during class, and being an overall great person! :)
  • Dora Rubin and Amelia Pennell both pick up trash as they are coming in at the end of recess.

A Message from Your PTA

The members of the PTA voted to support Ballot Initiatives 5A and 5B. We encourage you to learn more about 5A/5B at and Jeffco's Future Funding webpage. You can personally endorse 5A/5B at and follow them via @WeAreJeffco on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. An addition for Manning is included in the list of projects in the Bond package (5B) and 50% of 5A funds will be used to increase teacher compensation. Both 5A and 5B will address safety and security. #Yes5A5B

There are a limited number of spaces for entries in the chili cookoff on Friday, October 26th (but lots of other donations are also needed). Sign up here, and remember to give your chili a creative name. - Votes will be collected and awards given in the following categories: Best Staff chili, Best Class chili, and Best Red, Green and White (Other) chili.

This year’s Silent Auction, held during the Chili cookoff, is going to be great! There will be many items to bid on, including baskets made by the Manning Access classes, and a cash-only Wine Pull.

Because of the growth of the school, the Teacher and Staff Wish Lists for the year total approximately $23,000. We will grant the school $5,000 now to address the most immediate needs, and will grant more as funds are received from our fundraisers.

Speaking of which, if you are able, please consider using a King Soopers card! This is an easy way to help generate much needed money for Manning. Of course, if you are using a card to help pay for Outdoor Lab, we encourage you to do that, and then replace it with a Manning card when you have paid for Outdoor Lab. Grandparents and extended family members can use these cards too!

We are thrilled that Shannon Clifford has put her name in to be the PTA Vice President for 2018/ 2019! The election will be held at the October 17th General Meeting.

The Hospitality Committee will provide meals for the teachers and staff during Conferences on October 10/ 11. Please watch for details on how you can help.

Thanks to everyone who has generously offered to be part of a Committee. The 8th grade Continuation Committee is the only Committee that we still need someone to fill. Contact Christine Dempsey at if you would like to help.

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.