The Truth behind the Starbucks Logo

What it really is!

Starbucks Logo

Have you ever stopped and thought of what the Starbucks logo looks like? I doubt anyone would waste their time on that, but maybe you have. The Starbucks logo is woman with long gorgeous hair and a crown, with some sort of identical twin fish tails on the side. You are correct on the matter, but there is a name for her. She is a siren!
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Seductive Starbucks

Why did Starbucks choose a siren? Starbucks was looking to catch the spirit of seattle. At the time seattle was known for its seaports. So it would have to be sea related, a siren-depicted as being beautiful-captured the seductive allusion of the sea itself. It was also almost as seductive as the coffee itself. As a creative partner was digging around old marine archives he found a siren, the sane exact siren you see in the original starbucks logo. She was screaming "Buy Coffee!!"

From a Norse Woodcut

The Starbucks logo has gone through many changes. The original was the brown logo and inside was a bare breasted, twin-tailed siren from an old marine norse woodcut. The second version was used from 1987-1992, her breasts were covered y her hair but her twin-tails were still visible and they changed the color from brown to green. The third version was used from 1992-2011, her twin-tails and her breasts were not visible at all but vestige remains of fish-tails. In January 2011, the company decided to enlarge the siren image and remove the starbucks woodcut around it.

Obsession, Addiction and Death

A siren is a dangerous yet beautiful creature, often depicted as a woman, who sing songs and lure sailors into rocks. The siren resembles obsession, addiction, and death. Well Starbucks, is there something you want to explain? Although Starbucks is not about leading you to your death, It does lure you in with it's coffee pretty well.
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