Knowmia Teach App

Sarah Lohan, Kylie Kruger, Alyssa Hurle, and Emily Vrchota

What is this App and how will it help me?

Knowmia Teach is a free and fun way to create lessons plans and doubles as a recording tool. Using Knowmia you can create short video lessons on any subject so students, teachers, and the public can find them!


  • Visual Aids
  • Recording via camera and audio
  • White board capability
  • Import personal images, graphics, and video clips
  • up to 15 minutes of audio/video per lesson

Student Benefits to Using Knowmia

  • Technological Literacy within the classroom
  • Availability to accesses previous lessons anywhere
  • Fun!
  • Great Study Tool
  • Easy to Use
  • Virtually accessible everywhere

College Knowmia Users