About Me

Sara Alexandra Winters

Background Info:

I was born in Ada, Oklahoma. I lived on a cattle ranch for the first four years of my life. My parents started a cattle corporation when they got married. When I was four my Father passed away, so my Mother and I came back to North Carolina where she was originally from, once the corporation could be ran without us living in Oklahoma. She now works in a lab running experiments on diseases, viruses, and bacteria. I enjoy cheerleading, golf, 4-H, and going to the spa.


I travel frequently. Most people in my family travel for work, so in addition to annual vacations, I have accompanied various family members on business trips. My favorite travel experience was with my Grandmother. She and I traveled deep into rural Mexico. We had spent over a week at a resort on the coast, but she and I are alike in that we are both interested by foreign cultures, so we decided to go further into the country. Once she and I had ventured out of the tourist "section" of the region, we were able to immerse ourselves in the lifestyle of natives. We accompanied some locals to a religious ceremony where a Shaman (medicine man/cultural patriarch) allowed us to participate in a "cleansing". It was similar to communion, but was done with a special fruit juice that had been prayed over and made locally. Unbeknownst to us, there was an additional part of the ceremony. My grandmother and I watched as everyone jumped into a Cenote after drinking from the cup. I followed suit, but she needed a little encouragement. My grandmother is a very refined woman, southern debutante and political housewife so seeing her, at age 70, jump 60 feet into a hole in the ground, was very amusing. Though her descent was surprising to see, her ascent was even more entertaining. She refused to climb up a ladder, which had been crudely made by the locals, to get out of the Cenote; so we made what we called a "Mexican Elevator". We used some repelling equipment, fashioned somewhat of a pulley system, and pulled her up. This is my favorite memory because this may have been the only thing I have ever seen my Grandmother do that wasn't "lady-like".


I listen to all genres of music. The specific genre I listen to at any given time, is contingent upon my mood and the occasion.


My Interests

Nacho Olympics

As you know, I went to NCSSM for a semester. This is a timeline of my friend Dhru eating a jumbo nacho serving by himself. I included this because I consider it one of the greatest human accomplishments in the free world.
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Future Plans:

The inevitable will happen. I will "grow-up", physically that is. This is something that I cannot stop. I have no idea what I want to do when I "grow-up", or really I just want to do it all. I have many goals and various paths that I see myself going down. I want to take advantage of everything that this world has to offer. I want to lead an adventurous and exiting life, whatever that means specifically to me. Excitement can come from a soccer game or from skydiving; and an adventure can take place in the jungle, or in Walmart on black friday. Wether I am a housewife, doctor, or rockstar (highly unlikely) I want to appreciate wherever my life takes me and live it to the fullest potential.

Science and Stuff

I enjoy science. I like to know how and why things happens. I enjoy studying biology. My favorite science class was one that I took at NCSSM. I took an ecology class, and I really enjoyed it.