The Heat

2015 Crosby ISD Elementary Summer School

2015 Cougar Camp


C- Come to camp each day

O-Organize your thoughts and work

U-Understand You can do it!

G-Give it your all

A-Attitude is everything

R-Respect yourself and others

S-Show that Cougar Pride!

Week Two Instructional Focus

Drawing Conclusions

This week's instructional focus is Drawing Conclusions. Please focus on this strategy with your students using multiple graphic organizers, anchor charts, and literature.

5th grade teachers, please refer to questions stems from the administered STAAR test to help word questions the way they will see them on the test.

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From the Desk of Christy Tisdom

I can't express enough how thankful I am to have the opportunity to work with such professionals. We are marching into week 2 and the students are enjoying themselves while learning. I am looking forward to see the creative activities you all have planned this week covering drawing conclusions. Next week we will have Ms. Egans, Ms. Hammond, Mr. Hamm, Ms. Duffy and Ms. Eason's classes will help with announcements.

1st Annual Cougar Camp Magnifico Car Show: Brought to you by Mr. Hamm and Ms. Hammond's Class

Friday, June 19th, 8-11am

430 N. Diamonhead

Crosby, TX

Come one come all to 1st annual Cougar Camp Magnifico Car Show. Ms. Hammond and Mr. Hamm's class have been working on their project based learning assignment. The students had to create a car from cardboard with the given specifications. They designed them and want to share it with you. Please make sure to take your class to the gym between 8-11 to meet the creator and share in their joys of creating a car.