Patrick Henry Post

September 3rd, 2021

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Welcome to September!

As we close out our second week of school and enter the month of September, I am excited to report that our students and staff are already in the rhythms and routines of the school year. Our teachers have been hard at work teaching, redirecting, celebrating, and reteaching our students how to have a successful school year. We have focused the first two weeks on relationship-building and making sure that all students feel safe, welcome, and comfortable at Patrick Henry. Students have been hard at work reviewing skills from last year and getting to know their new teachers, new classmates, and new expectations. I love what I am seeing and hearing as I walk into classrooms and see students forming new connections, renewing old friendships, and finding their home away from home. Join me in celebrating our students' successes in their first two weeks of school!

Take a look below for some highlights over the last week.

Thanks for joining "Meet the Teacher" Night!

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Virtual Meet the Teacher: Wednesday, September 1st

This week on Wednesday evening, we hosted our first virtual Meet the Teacher night! Staff members invited their students and families to a virtual meeting on Teams so they could have a meet-and-greet. We reviewed our class expectations and structure for the school year, answered questions from parents, and even got to see students in their own homes through the power of Microsoft Teams! Thank you to all who participated!

Happy Labor Day!

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What is Labor Day, and why do we celebrate it?

Labor Day is always the first Monday of September. This year, it falls on Monday, September 6th. Labor Day celebrates all American workers and their accomplishments. It is also supposed to be a day of rest for those workers to appreciate their achievements in their chosen field. For us as educators, it is a day of reflection on why we chose a profession that keeps us with kids all day long, why we work extra long hours to prepare for those students, and why we love what we do. It is also a day where we celebrate our effort to educate the next generation of the American workforce. Join us in celebrating, and take a look at some student-friendly resources below!