Intro to psychology

what is psychology ?


Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. In this class through lectures, videos, internet assignments ... you will become an explore this fascinating world

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Intro to Psychology - Crash Course Psychology #1
Intro to psychology AQA

video questions


  1. What is meant by the word “cognitive”?

  2. What does the video mean by “attachment”?

  3. What is the child’s reaction when the mom is replaced by a stranger?

  4. Describe your emotional reaction do you get from the pictures of attachment and love?

  5. Starting with the segment on crime, the music changes … what response coupled with the photos do you think the psychologist is looking for?

  6. Why so many images of Nazi Germany?

  7. The image at the end of the video spans many of the topics you will be learning about in on line psychology …. Based on this video, what is meant by psychology – “the subject of life”