Bugra's 3 2 1 Introduction


3 Things to Know About Me

  • I like cats so much because 1 year ago I visited my best friend's brother and he had a cat named Teddy which was a baby cat. It was a playful and cute cat. When I spent time with that cat, my opinions changed about cats. Because, before that I liked dogs more than cats.

  • I had been living in Izmir since I was born. I love Izmir and I think there is no city as beautiful as Izmir in Turkey. When I get back to Izmir, I feel more secured and free than I feel in Ankara.

  • Lastly, I like technology and I follow the latest technological advances. So, I'm writing articles about technology on Teknoloji101 which is a site of Bilkent IEEE community. This can be related to my major. (Computer Engineering)

2 Favorite Activities

  • Playing computer games.

  • Listening to music.
Battlefield 4: Official "Paracel Storm" Multiplayer Trailer

1 Dream Job

My dream job is to be the founder of the global technology company. (Like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs)