Shanghai Girls

written by:Lisa See

Book overview

In 1937 Shanghai was a very different place than it is today this book follows two young

ladies living through the hardships most of China was going through from a woman's point of view. Pearl and May,the main characters,go through a very rough and difficult journey to America.Once they reach America they are kept in a processing center where May has a baby and gives it to Pearl to take care of as her own because her and her husband had done the married people things.The hardships continue once they are sent through from their father in law who must be in control at all times. Then communistic China rises everyone starts to doubt every Chinese member of society. As Pearl and her husband Sam raise their daughter,Joy, Pearl finds out she is pregnant but then loses the baby.In the end Sam hanged himself to save his family because May tipped off the government.The next couple of days after Joy runs away because she finds out the truth about her birth parents. The book ends here and a sequel called Dreams of Joy is where it is picked up.

Book Review

Overall this book was a satisfying read but, i was extraordinarily disappointed with the end but, i will have to read the sequel before i make a true and worthy decision. If you like historical fiction then i would definatly recommend this to you. I give this a four out of five star rating. Recommended for everybody over the age of 13 years of age.

This book is a garanteed lovable read.

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