Drone Strike or Hidden Failure?

United States sends first drone strike weeks after 9/11

The United States government has sent their first official drone strike over to Afghanistan late October 7th of 2001. Trying to get rid of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the United States may have just sent themselves to a long battle against terrorism.
The drone strikes shocked all, especially since it was the first engineering genius that didnt have to have a man in it to work. Drone was activated without authorization by the Air Force or any personnel governing the situation and the presence of their targets. Yet, the drone had been watching who they thought to be a main presence with the Taliban and when they had the shot, they took it. Mistakenly missing the only target, and facing possible war crime charges since drones were so untested, and that the rules behind them in war were still unsure. Missing the target they had and allowing him to walk free and alive may have caused a greater spike the in the war on terrorism and the tension within our nation and the government.