Macromolecule Diet Assignment

Vegan Diet!

Vegan Diet's Description

A vegan diet excludes meat, fish,eggs, and poultry. A vegan diet also excludes dairy products along with foods that have them in their products.

Diet of the Day!

For today we will be naming the foods that every meal will include in a perfect vegan diet.


French Toast, Blueberries, and Soy Milk.

Most people would have maybe an omelet or chicken biscuit, but when being a vegan you don't eat poultry or even eggs. They would take fruit instead which is why we chose blueberries and french toast is also a great choice as it follows all the vegan rules. Also vegans cannot drink milk, as it is a dairy product so we chose soy milk instead.


For lunch we chose a veggie sandwich along with a mango smoothie. We chose a veggie sandwich not only because it a great choice as it follows all the vegan rules but also because it's a healthy choice containing nearly 8 grams of protein. Along with a mango smoothie because always drinking water is kind of boring, so why not add a little bit sweetness and color to your lunch.


For snacks we chose to have something simple like thin wheats, and for our second choice we chose something more sweet like almond butter rice crispy.


For dinner we chose a simple pasta with the name of Creamy Butternut Squash Linguine with Fried Sage along with water.
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Impacts the Body

As many people think diets are so much healthier and a better choice, they have to face the reality which is sometimes it's really harming your body. A vegan diet can impact the body in many ways such as the lack of bit am b12 which can result in memory loss, neurological and psychiatric problems, and anemia. The vegan diet also lacks calcium as they are not consuming any diary products which can results in bone weakness and decrease teeth density. Also lacks iron which can have anemia as a result.

Organic Compounds

Vegans don't eat dairy products or meat which is where most people get their protein from. Vegans may consume a good amount of carbohydrates as they can eat many sweets that do not include dairy. They can also consume many carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. Saturated fat is a lipid, which include food like cheese, milk, and meats. Vegans do not eat any of those, therefore they are low on lipids.Many nucleic acids come from fish, vegans are not allow to eat fish therefore they also lack nucleic acids.
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Oct. 9th, 2015

By: Brianna Burns and Mayerlin Alpizar