Mesoamerica civilization

Published by: Juan Jose Sierra Ramos


Mesoamerica is a region and cultural area in the Americas, extending approximately from central Mexico to Beliz,Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica.

Olmec Agriculture

The Olmec culture was the first great Mesoamerica culture, The Olmec culture thrived along Mexico's Gulf Coast from approximately 1200-400 B.C.

Maya Government

Mayan Government were divided by classes.

Aztec Religion

Aztec religion it had elements of human sacrifice in connection with a large number of religious festivals which were held according to patterns of the Aztec calendar.

Toltec Archeology

The Toltec culture is an archaeological Mesoamerica culture that dominated a state centered in Tula, in the early post-classic period of Mesoamerica chronology.

Teotihuacan Geography

Teotihuacan was the largest pre Columbian city in the Americas in the first half of the first millennium C.E.. It was also one of the largest cities of the world with a population estimated at 125,000 250,000.

Mixtecs language and artwork

languages belong to the Otomanguean language family of Mexico, and are closely related to the Trique and Cuicatec languages. They are spoken by over half a million people. The Mixtec are well known in the anthropological world for their Codices, or phonetic pictures in which they wrote their history and genealogies in deerskin in the fold book form. They were also known for their exceptional mastery of jewelry, in which gold and turquoise figure prominently. Products by Mixtec goldsmiths formed an important part of the tribute the Mixtecs paid to the Aztecs during parts of their history.