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Who was Alexnder the Great?

Alexander the great was a ruthless leader and king. He ruled the kingdom of Macedonia. Alexander was born on September 20 356 B.C. in Macedonia. At age 22 Alexander went of on an epic journey in which he conquered almost all of the known world. He was brutal and cruel to resistance but was very merciful to people who surrendered. once in India the army surrendered and Alexander was so merciful that he gave the kingdom back to there king. He died on June 13 323 B.C in Babylon.

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Alexander's great journey

Alexander after his father was assassinated he took up the role of king. He decided that he would create a unstoppable army. with his new army he went out on a journey to conquer the world. He started out in Persia against a greek mercenary by Memnom. He was greatly outnumbered 140,000 to 30,000 and yet still won the battle by charging at their king. The king fled but so did his army causing Alexander to win his first battle. While in India Alexander Married a Indian princess named Roxanna. Alexander's trained his army differently then anyone else. Instead of letting his army run wild in conquered cities he had them walk in disciplined lines through them instead. He returned back to Macedonia only when his army went on strike and he was forced to go back after a eleven year conquest.

where did Alexander the great go on his conquest?

Alexander’s great journey started in Pella and went through Anatolia down into egypt and back up to mesopotamia. his journey ended in babylon where he became very ill and died.
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Why did alexander the great go on his conquest??

Alexander the great went on his conquest so that he could gain fame. he wanted to be better than his dad as king. he wanted to be worshiped as a god.