Pre-workout and Fat Burners

By Ryan Barton

About the Supplements

-They are very popular among weight lifters and fitness fanatics because of their ability to increase muscle endurance and postpone muscle fatigue

-these workout supplements have things such as creatine and caffeine in them, and usually come in pill or powder form

-how they work is by tricking the adrenal glands into releasing large amounts of adrenaline, making long term use will make it so you are dependent on the supplement when adrenal is down

-since pre-workout supplements are spconsidered food by the FDA rather than medicine, they don't have to abide by the same strict standards and regulation as medicine.

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Side Effects

-Side effects include: dehydration, kidney damage, raising blood pressure, among many other things

-Dehydration:when consumed in large doses, pre workout supplements can cause dehydration, the ingredients of caffeine and creatine both cause people to urinate more frequently, as well as creatine also makes it so that water is drawn into the muscle tissue, giving the appearance of larger muscles, but also causing there to be less water for the rest of your body to use

-Kidney damage: an intake of too much creatine can cause your system to stop producing creatine itself, as well as causing an increase in renal-by-products. While these renal-by-products are safe in small doses, they can aggravate existing kidney problems if too much is created.

-High blood pressure:since caffeine and creatine cause an increase in blood pressure, and exercising alone also causes an increase in blood pressure, taking these can lead to a dramatic spike in blood pressure sometimes putting it at dangerous levels. An increase in blood pressure can lead to things such as damage to your heart and blood vessels as well as strokes and other risks.