Garrett Primary


Alternate Friday Agenda

1. We will start off in the computer lab so that we can register for our upcoming Staff Development Days.

2. If you are ESL or Transitional Bilingual we will then meet in the conference room in teams for our EOY LPAC’s.

If you are not ESL or Transitional Bilingual you will work in your classroom on the following.

We will also use this alternate Friday to begin completing all the items that need to be turned in

1. * Istation spreadsheets-Make sure that you complete your 1st- May Guided Reading Spreadsheet from your 1st May ISIP scores. You will on demand all the students that are still scoring in Tier 3-RED right before the last date available before report cards are due in. Therefore you will have a 2nd May Guided Reading Spreadsheet with the final scores of the year.

2. *Work on completing student assessments for report cards.

3. *Work on completing student assessments on Math checklist for DMAC.

4. *Work on 4th 9 week Digital Snapshot.

5. *Work on Tier 2- Pull out Interventions documents-they need to be revised so that we can file them after we have our EOY –RTI parent meetings. Please make sure your interventionist is current on their documentation so that we can make decisions about whether we recommend to continue or discontinue interventions for the following year.

Our EOY K data meeting will be on Wednesday May 27th. -We will have our interventionists cover your class so you can meet with us in the data room to go over our End of the Year data. Please be prepared to turn in your parent conferences signature pages and make sure you bring your guided reading notebooks.