Oster Spirit Days

Our Student Council has voted and come up with our Spirit Days for the year. In December, we had a fun Pajama Day the Friday before we went on our two week break. On January 26th, we had our Grade Level Spirit Day, where each grade level had to wear a certain color. Below are the remaining days, in case you would like to mark your calendars.

  • Friday, February 16th is Crazy Hair Day
  • Friday, March 30th is Disney Day
  • Friday, April 27th is Head to Toe Purple Day in honor of Relay for Life
  • Friday, May 18th is Sports Day

Our Spirit Days are meant to help build our community spirit in a fun, playful way. It is not required that children participate, so please do not let your child feel pressured about dressing up.

Yearbook Cover Contest

All students are invited to enter our annual Yearbook Cover Contest. The theme this year is a CIRCUS. Children are encouraged to get creative, bold, and innovative. The winning student's artwork will be featured on the front cover of our yearbook. We will also have grade level winners, and their artwork will be displayed on the back cover of the yearbook. All entries must be received by Wednesday, February 28th. Students should turn in their entries to their classroom teacher. A flyer was sent home with requirements and tips, but I have also listed them below. A special thank you to Dina Rabago for orchestrating this fun contest every year.


  • Submit artwork on an 8.5x11 piece of white paper only
  • Include the words: Oster Elementary
  • Include the school year: 2017-2018
  • Write student and teacher name lightly on the back side of the paper
  • Submit your entry to your classroom teacher by Wednesday, February 28th
Tips for a Winning Entry:

  • Use bright and bold colors to fill the page, including the background
  • Mix up your medium: crayons, watercolors, markers, oil pastels, etc.
  • Use the entire sheet of paper
  • Keep it neat and clean

If parents have any questions, they can email Dina at dina_rabago@sbcglobal.net

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Oster supports a few non-profit organizations each year that are close to our hearts. Pennies for Patients is one of those key organizations. Although it was 15 years ago, the staff that was here in 2003 is still impacted by the loss of Emily Coyne. She was an Oster student who lost her 10 year battle against Leukemia, shortly after her fifth grade graduation. Leukemia is the number one killing disease of children under the age of 16, and we want to help find a cure. We encourage everyone to look for loose change, skip a day of Starbucks, or pack a lunch, and then donate the money you would have used to our annual fundraiser. We will be collecting money February 26th - March 2nd. The Oster staff and students thank you in advance for your donations!
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Great Kindness Challenge Highlights

I can truly say this without any reservation, that Oster students, parents, and staff are amongst the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of working with in my 23 years in education. Although we practice kindness acts on a daily basis, we also participated in the Great Kindness Challenge, which is put on by Kids for Peace, the last week in January. Below are some highlights from that week, that your children participated in.

  1. Miss Yoshioka's class created Tagul Word Art to spread kind thoughts and words throughout the school (see picture above).
  2. Ms. Weller's and Mrs. Sober's classes created a kindness contagious chain that wrapped around their entire room.
  3. Ms. McDowell's class reflected on kindness moments they had experienced from others and created mini-posters depicting the kindness acts.
  4. Mrs. Grant's, Mrs. Krepelka's, Mrs. Gorham's, and Mrs. Roger's classes wrote notes of appreciation to teachers and support staff at Oster.
  5. Mr. Hickey was so proud of a student who went out of her way to help another child, who most children choose to avoid. She had a positive attitude and realized that everyone needs a friend.
  6. Each student in Mrs. Smith's class smiled at 25 people on Monday, recycled trash on Tuesday, and picked up trash for Mr. Luis (our custodian) on Thursday.
  7. Ms. Sponseller and Mrs. McGowan gave their classes a "Kindness Check-Off List". Their students were complimenting other people, making special wishes for children who do not have food or shelter, helping Oster students' who were hurt, and made paper heart notes for students in their classrooms.
  8. Mrs. Ullmark's class wrote letters to the fire fighters at Station #9.
  9. Mrs. Michael shared that one of her students felt so special because he came back from being sick and a lot of students told him he was missed and they were so happy he was back.
  10. Ms. Klein's and Ms. Wright's classes created kindness notes to everyone in their class, and then the teachers created a class poster with all the notes.
  11. Miss Ferguson's class wrote thank you cards to all the parents who chaperoned their field trip.
  12. Mr. Sinclair's students created a kindness classroom door. They each made a heart and wrote down the name of a student and the kindness act they performed.