By: Corbin Moore

Geographic Information

  • Continent- The continent is Australia.
  • Square Miles- 2.97 million square miles.
  • Climate- Generally arid to semiarid; temperate in south and east; tropical in north.
  • Farmable Land- 6.2% of the land is arable.
  • Capital City- Canberra
  • 3 Largest Cities- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Demographic Information

Population- 22,751,014

Population Density- # people per square kilometer.

Growth Rate- 1.07%

% Urbanized- 89.4%

Life Expectancy- Male: 79.7 years, Female: 84.74 years

AIDS Rate- 0.17%

Literacy Rate- Male: 99%, Female: 99%

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Cultural Information

Customs and Tradition- Boxing Day, December 26th- this day is spent where most people are on beaches playing volleyball, etc. The majority of people celebrate Christmas.

Food- Most dinner meals will be some sort of seafood or meat with vegetables. There are things called meat pies, about 260 million eaten each year.

Clothing- Consists mostly of t-shirts and shorts. Children wear uniforms to school.

Recreation- They play beach volleyball and soccer.

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Political Information

Type Of Government- Parliamentary Democracy under a constitutional monarchy.

Freedom House Political Rights Score- 1

Civil Rights Score- 1

Press Freedom- Free

Corruption Perception Index with World Rank- Rank 13 with a score of 79

Domestic/Religion Conflicts- Police could demand Muslim women to take off their mask veils if necessary.

Economic Information

GDP with world rank- $1.241 trillion. #13 in world rank.

Labor- Agriculture: 3.6% Industry: 21.1% Services: 75%

Unemployment- 5.7%

% below poverty line- 13.9%

Happy planet index with world rank- Score of 42. ranked 76 in happy planet index.

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