The five main religions


Christianity is one of the worlds monotheistic religions. Christians believe in only one God whom they call Father of Jesus Christ. Christians recognize Jesus as the son of God who came down from heaven to save us from all our sins. Christians also believe in life after death. Christians follow the Holy Bible. Main Christian holidays are Easter which they believe Jesus rose from the dead. Christianity also believes that on Christmas Jesus was born. Baptism is a ritual where you go public with your relationship with God.


Islam is a monotheistic religion. Muslims believe there's only one God named Allah. Islam is based on the ministry of a man named Muhammad. The Muslim scripture is called Holy Qur'an. Muslims believe it's the word off God. Muslims are required to pray five items a day, wash the sleeves before prayer, and face in a certain direction while praying. Ramadan is a big day for the Muslims where they believe the doors of heaven open up and the doors of hell are locked during that day. During Ramadan, every Muslim is expected to fast .

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