Apathy In The United States (#1)

Max Siade-Cox

Consequences of Apathy

Apathy is a major problem of our new age of voters even some that are older. Apathy can create many problems for our government and the United States from the people's stand point. It has given us uncertainty and doubt in our government. Which can be appeased by everyone voting for the people they want to be in office. Apathy can cause more than just the lack of interest and not voting in our society, it can cause what some officials call the Bystander effect. It is when there is an emergency and no one does anything but sit there and watch it happen. This is one of our countries issues we watch and see what other countries our doing and if they need help we don't always help them right away it may take a long time to even consider helping. By then they may not need it or they may have gotten it from someone else. This may have no burned any bridges right now but look at World War 2 we waited so long to enter the war we were attacked at Pearl Harbor then we fully went into the war. We were helping out bit by bit before but never attacking or at war fully. We waited and took a major consequence then struck back. Our country really needs the new age of voters even the older ones to start taking a more active role in our government so we can step up or game and become a better country in all.