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Karma or " law of karma" is a belief in Hinduism , basically the believe that life is cause and effect or action and reaction. Karma can happen to anyone even if you think that person doesn't deserve that it's just the universe getting them back for something they did in early life.


Brahman is the highest God in the hidusm. He is known as the creator and enjoyer of all Creation. Some people believe that he is has a relationship with individuals souls.
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3 Hindu deities

1. Ganesha

He is the lord of success and and destroy of evil. He is also known for his wisdom and wealth.

2. Shiva

Most powerful deitie. She represents death and dissolution. She probably the most complex deities.

3. Rama

The perfect deitie ever, he is the ideal son, husband , and king. He is known as a hostoriacal character in hidusm history.


What the hindu people believe Dharma is , is the way of life with out it nothing would exist. It's the very foundation of life , " the law of being" .


Samsara is the round or cycle of birth and rebirth that all Hindu people believe in worldview. In Indian thought it signifies , a persons life force does not pass on with the death of the body but insteads wanders across.
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