Teddy Roosevelt

"the rough-riding rescuer"

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"saving America one C at a time"

(Roosevelt's 'Square Deal' embraced the three C's: control of corporations, consumer protection, and conservation of natural resources)

Ida Tarbell- "standard oil sidekick"

Tarbell was one of the most prominent and respected women in the muckraking movement. She earned a reputation in 1904 for publishing a devastating but factual expose of the Standard Oil Company. Years later, she joined other muckrakers in purchasing the American magazine, using it to campaign for honest government and for an end to business abuses.

Evil Nemesis- "The Railroad Rascal"

-Railroads were woefully inadequate

-Railroad barons could simply appeal to the commissions' decisions on rates to the federal courts, which could take up to 10 years

-Interstate Commerce Commission was very weak

-Railroad monopolies led by those such as J.P. Morgan became problematic

-Northern Securities company

defeating the nemesis

-Hepburn Act of 1906: free passes were restricted

-Elkins act of 1903: imposed heavy fines on railroads that gave rebates

- Roosevelt was a Trustbuster, fighting to respond against bad trusts. He initiated over 40 legal proceedings against them.

By: Sarah King