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Some Good October Moments

In the beginning of the month I worked to help many students get organized. I taught the study skills classes how to use Google Docs to organize their school work into color-coded folders. We also talked about uploading documents from Microsoft Word and different ways to download our work for future use. Stop by the media center if you would like help with some advanced Google Docs features.

This month also marked the first time I was able to collaborate with the choir! I had so much fun bringing the iPads into choir rehearsal! The students used a voice recording app to record each part of a piece of music. This will allow them to practice their pieces at home by listening to their individual part-- soprano, alto, tenor or bass.

Another highlight this month was collaborating with Mr. Olson in his AP History courses. We worked together to start preparing his students to write the essay component of the AP test.

Near the end of the month, I rejoiced over the release of the "Top Ten Teen Reads of 2013." I wait for this list to be announced every year, and this year there are some great titles. I can't wait to read every single one. Come to the library to check one out today! Hurry-- I expect that they will fly off the shelves!

Social Digital Citizenship

Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth.

Will you be Googled well?

Each time you use the Internet, you leave behind a digital footprint. The term digital footprint is used to describe the trail, traces or footprint that one leaves online. Your digital footprint is created by your emails, attachments, photos, and websites visited.

It is important that you work to ensure that your digital footprint is a positive one. If a potential employer were to google you, what would he or she find? Think about it. A positive digital footprint could even lead to a scholarship or a job.

When I teach students about social digital citizenship, I address four big ideas--

  1. Digital Footprint-- Will you be Googled well?
  2. Cyberbullying-- Are you a victim, bully or bystander?
  3. Security- Are you protecting your devices and accounts?
  4. Online Safety- Are you protecting yourself and your privacy?

I have included links to resources that I use when teaching digital citizenship lessons. These resources are helpful for staff, students and parents. They include videos and discussion questions about topics such as cyberbulling, netiquette, password protection, privacy settings and much more.

Protect My Rep


Common Sense Media

Lucid Chart and Lucid Press

Everyone can learn--

At ISD 728, all students and staff have a Google account. Both Lucid Chart and Lucid Press can be linked to your Google account.

LucidChart-- Lucidchart is allows students and teachers to draw flowcharts, Venn diagrams, mind maps etc... It gives students and staff the ability to work together to create and collaborate on these charts in real time.

LucidPress-- LucidPress allows students and staff to collaborate on creating flyers, presentations, books, reports...They are beautiful It is easy to incorporate video, hyperlinks and photos.

Click here to watch a quick video introduction-- VIDEO LINK.

Need a Book Idea?

Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth.

Every year the Young Adult Library Services Association publishes a list of the Top Ten Books for Teens. The Teens' Top Ten is a "teen choice" list, where teens nominate and choose their favorite books of the previous year!

This year, there were 28 nominees that competed for the “top ten” list. Over 32,000 votes were cast.

Click here to read a list of all 28 nominees.

Click here to see a video of the top ten winners. One of our summer reading choices was chosen as the #1 book.

The #1 book was the historical fiction novel, Code Name Verity, by Elizbeth Wein. It is about two girls living during World War II– a spy captured by the Nazis in German-occupied France and the pilot who brought her there.

Wein has recently released a companion to Code Name Verity. This book, entitled Rose Under Fire, follows the character Rose, a young World War II pilot with the Air Transport Auxiliary.

The novel titles above are links to the author's page with details about the novels.

Epic Reads-- Book Club

People thrive when they feel connected, supported and affirmed.

Book Club Update

I am excited to share the Epic Reads website with book club.

This website is a jackpot for teen readers! The site includes author spotlights, polls, book recommendations, videos, blog entries and much more. I am not sure that I will ever have enough time to explore all of the content.

I especially like the "Like, Try, Why" section of the page. The site authors explain what it is below:

"THE PROBLEM: You just finished an amazing YA book and you want to keep that satisfied feeling going, but you don’t know what to read next. Or alternatively, you’ve read something amazing and have been searching for the perfect follow up read, but have come up short every time.

THE SOLUTION: Never fear readers, because Epic Reads is here to solve all your bookish problems. Introducing our weekly feature, “Like, Try, Why!" Each week we’ll pick a few popular books (and sometimes even TV shoes or movies!!) that we adored and then PERSONALLY recommend what to read next."

Remember-- Book Club is always looking for new members

Books that Kill

By the time you read this, Halloween will be over, but we are still celebrating in the library!

Come check out our display of great mystery/suspense/horror books.
Perfect to keep the spirit of Halloween lingering....

Here is a link to our RHS Media Center Best Reads for Halloween

What I am Reading