Homelessness in Waco - Group 3

Little people can make a change.

Helping the homeless

We will help the homeless get back on their feet because it is an issue in our community that we want to solve. This will help them get a job and eventually find, and buy a home.
Group 3

Facts About Homelessness in Waco

*A decade ago there was an estimate of 600 homeless people in the city of Waco

* 97 were listed as chronically homeless and veterans

* Waco made a 10 year plan to try to reduce these numbers

* About 1,400 students will be homeless by the end of the year

* Homeless people can die by hunger, thirst, and heat

* 1/4 of homeless people are children

* Over half a million people are homeless worldwide

* In the last few years, millions of people have lost their homes

* The homeless community includes teenagers who have been kicked out of their homes or who are running away from abusive parents or relationships

What are we going to do about this issue?

Anything Is Possible is a project we would like to accomplish to help end homelessness in Waco, TX. Anything Is Possible (AIP) has its own healthcare, cafeteria, and shelter. At a low cost, the homeless can stay there until they are ready to get back on their feet. During their stay. the staff at AIP will help the homeless find a job that is near in location. AIP will partner with clothing donation businesses to give these people clothing. You can donate clothes, food, and money. IF WE HAVE HOMES SO SHOULD THEY !

iEngage Summer Civics Institute- Group 3

We are a group of kids at iEngage witch is a civics camp for young leaders. Our group Natalie, Chloe, Hannah , Ella, Braden, Easton, Gianni, Logan, and Teegan.