The Creator

The creator of Microsoft is the one and only Bill Gates. Bill gates was born October 1955. His company started off as a computer company and then after a few years of producing products they began to become a huge component and he also created the amazing Xbox (one of the most selling things on the market today) and a lot of other products

The Competition

Steve Jobs was (RIP Steve Jobs) the main competition to Microsoft he is the creator of apple witch is the competitor and it is a big risk to come out with new products and other things

fun facts

- enemies with apple

- has one of the best selling objects in the world

-Xbox is one of the best selling consoles in the world


OhMyGod a button! Boop (in high voice)

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Xbox VS PlayStation

ROUND ONE: the Microsoft stock is $47 and the Sony stock is $30: Microsoft won

ROUND TWO:The controllers i took a poll in classes 28 people said Xbox and 17 people said Playstation