Summer Fun

University Elementary School - Summer Edition #2

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Seawolf Day is a time to pop over to UELF to:

- turn in Back To School forms

- learn more about UELF PTA

- learn more about the UELF Garden

- get your Spirt Wear

- complete the income verification form

- ease your kids back into the mindset of school

- make your UELF Garden ($50) Donation

- make your field trip ($50) donation

- sign-up for UELF PTA ($10/person)

Seawolf Day is an opportunity to get your must have forms in early so your children can find out what classes they are in. All students will get an email on Monday afternoon of their placement, plus we will have lists ready for the first day of school if you are not able to attend. Forms will be still be due by Aug. 23. Get ahead of the game and turn in these items early! Find out EARLY by getting all of your forms in on Friday!

Seawolf Day is from 4pm to 7pm. YOU can pop over at a time that works for you to turn things in and investigate our amazing community. There will be KONA Ice and Salazar on site selling yummy food. There is no specific time that you must come by, you pick your own time. You can come on your own or you can bring your children. Do what works BEST for your family.

Supply Lists By Grade Bands

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UELF Needs You!

Are you ready to dip your toes back into the workforce? Are you responsible to keep the school calendar with your kids, yet seeking a little structure in your day when they are at school? Do you want to work a little and still have time to work on your own projects/home business/grocery shop, etc?

Join the UELF Team! UELF is looking for energetic, ready to learn, adults seeking to believe in the capacity of EVERY CHILD, and willing to engage with the students while they play and eat lunch.

Use the link below to apply for the position. The schedule will be:

M-W-Th-F from 11:15am to 1pm

Plan to meet with Principal Lunde on Wednesday, Aug. 10,1pm-2pm

Plan to attend professional learning on Friday, Aug. 12 and Monday, Aug. 15 from 9am to 3pm at John Reed.

Kindergarten Updates!

Please share this with all incoming Kindergarten Families!

Welcome to University Elementary School at La Fiesta!

We are thrilled to have you join our Seawolf Community! As incoming kindergarteners there are a few events to put on your calendar to prepare you for the new year:

  • Kinder Orientation - Students will sign-up for a 45 to 60 minute block to work with the UELF Primary Staff. Parents/Family will meet with Principal Lunde to learn more about what school will look like and have time to connect together as Kinder Student Success Team Members. Use the Kinder Orientation Sign-Up Genius.
  • Lemons & Love Playdate - Students and Family are invited to have a playdate on the Kinder Playground on Friday, Aug. 5 from 5pm to 7pm. Lemonade will be provided and served by Principal Lunde. This is a time for students and families to play and chat together.
  • UELF Seawolf Day - Meet the UELF Community on Friday, Aug. 12 from 4pm to 7pm. Come at anytime to fill out back to school forms and learn about how to get involved at UELF. Salazar Burritos and KonaIce will be there for food purchase.
  • 1st Day of School - Aug. 16 is the first day of school. All students will be on the Tiny Tuesday schedules (8:20am-12pm). Kinder students are invited to join their classrooms for Open Classroom Time every day at 8:10am and for the first week of school, kinders will be released at 12pm. Final classrooms lists will be finalized at the end of the week. This allows all students to get to know the kinder team and for classes to be made that fit the student chemistry best. ALL CRPUSD schools are doing this to create the best learning environment for incoming kinder classes.

To make sure you are getting the latest news, here a few ways to ensure you get the information you need to be an informed UELF Kinder Success Team Member:

  • Read Principal Lunde's Newsletters. You subscribe to her S'MORES letters; these letters can be translated into 50+ languages!
  • Add the UELF Events GoogleCalendar to YOUR calendar.
  • Read your emails and texts from the UELF Elementary School: Principal Lunde, Office Manager-Alicia Lara, Classroom Teachers

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Using Summer to Build Habits & Mindsets

Summer is the time to work with kids to engage in their personal responsibilities because they are part of a family, a household. Supporting students to develop agency, to develop a sense of

ownership over ones' own learning, support kids to see themselves as intellectually capable and competent by engaging them as sense-makers, problem solvers, and creators of meaningful and important ideas. Use the questions below to think through when kids get to:

What opportunities do kids have to see themselves

and each other as powerful thinkers and learners?

How can our household create more of these opportunities?

Building this mindset will support kids to take on the disposition to engage and participate in multiple aspects of their lives, like school, team sports, individual sports, creative arts groups, personal hobbies, family activities, family reunions, social clubs, etc.

Here are some specific ideas of how to participate with your children to have agency in their routines:

  • independent activities beyond the screen
  • wake-up and bedtime routines
  • preparing for a trip or outing
  • using a calendar to strategize family activities/including adult work time and recharge time
  • foods that keep us fueled and energized
  • sleeping routines to calm our bodies
  • outside time for moving the body
  • intentional calming activities to rest the brain
  • reading for pleasure
  • making the most of playtime
  • calling friends to connect and build relationships
  • creative practices to express ideas and feelings

Mathematical Mindset Is More Than Numbers

Today I challenge you to make a list of how you are using math concepts throughout your day....

  • estimating how much time you have before the next activity
  • using the clock
  • doubling a recipe
  • finding the percentage from a sale
  • adding up a total
  • visually splitting a space in half or fourths
  • counting seconds before bedtime
  • calendar for strategizing summer events
  • years between the generations visiting each other
  • what else do you notice?

Support your students by verbalizing how you are estimating, adding one more, cutting something in half, calculating money, so they hear how math is a way of living, not a subject in school.

Math is a mindset! We use math ideas all day long with how we make sense of the world. Use the summer to play with numbers. Just like reading, when students know their numbers, which means the symbol and how much that symbol means. For example, 10 = llllllllll Here is a website link, YouCubed, with challenges to fit your child's need. When the school year begins, look for the new UELF feature, Problem of the Month; a monthly activity to engage the math mindset and use the math and language skills to solve it and communicate our thinking.

Unlock New Ideas With Words

Summer schedules allow for the glorious gift of time for reading! Providing time to cozy up with a good book or dig into a new topic in a magazine has shown to increase reading skills. Reading looks different for each stage of reading.

  • Learning how to Read: letter/sound practice which can be done in songs, chants, games, or sharing a book together, listening to stories while following along in a book, reading picture only books so the student can narrate what he/she sees, reading books at their instructional level which means less than 5 reading errors on a page, reading books at their instructional level for fluency and stamina
  • Reading to Learn: student reads with less than 5 errors per page, able to discuss main idea of what was read, able to share the beginning, middle, end of a story, able to summarize sections from nonfiction reading, read to develop stamina

Reading is a fundamental skill for all the work we do as lifelong learners. It is a tool we use for writing, talking and understanding the intent of communicating. Use the summer as a time to reinforce the joy we get from learning from words. This can be books, graphic novels, directions to a new game, cooking from a new recipe, making lists for grocery shopping, exploring magazines, reading old letters from family, making up games that use the dictionary or thesaurus, etc.

One way to support reading as a community activity is participating in the Library Summer Reading Program. There is still time to participate!

Summer Reading Program - Sign-Up Here!

Maker Room Tools

Busy bees are working at UELF to build up resources and organize the supplies needed to facilitate students' creativity, design and processing tools to show their thinking. Making is more than cardboard and tape...It's the practice seeking ways to communicate the ideas and the thinking in ones' head. Students need opportunities to explore different tools, like textiles or computer media tools, to understand the materials for when they need to demonstrate their solution ideas or create a model that shows their present level of understanding of a concept.

The UELF PTA and CRPUSD have recently funded supplies, resources and trainings to support this learning. If you'd like to add to this project, please visit the list below. These resources will be put into the UELF Maker Room.

Maker Room Wish List on Amazon

If YOU have a textile or resource that you think would build our understanding of making, please send it our way. Each of us continues to grown and learn in this are of learning.

Music Fun For Recess

Looking for something to challenge you this summer? Below are links to projects that would add to our playground choices of fun. UELF is seeking creative and alternative activities for students to participate in during recess. Music is a GREAT mental and kinesthetic way to stimulate the brain and release feelings of stress or anxiety.

Seeking a family or two to make these for our playground OR

donate materials for the project to be made at school.

UELF Dates To Calendar

  • July 25 - UELF Office Opens
  • Aug. 4 and 5 - Kindergarten Orientation - Sign-Up LINK
  • Aug. 5 - Lemons & Love Kinder Playdate - Kinder Playground (Students & Parents)
  • Aug. 8 - UELF Back to School Packet Pick-Up/Email
  • Aug. 12 - Seawolf Day - 4pm to 7pm
  • Aug. 15 - Emails sent to families with your class placement.
  • Aug. 16 - 1st Day of School - Tiny Tuesday Schedule
  • Aug. 18 - Ice-Cream Social
  • Aug. 23 - Open House/In Person - 6pm-7:30pm
  • Aug. 25 - Open House/Virtual - 6:30pm - GM Link

Registration for UELF

Looking for a FANTASTIC school to attend? Register with CRPUSD to find your perfect fit. UELF is a great fit for K-5th grade if you are looking for learning the skills you need through inquiry based instruction. Our staff seeks ways to connect student thinking to the work they do. Join our AMAZING community! If you have friends and neighbors who still need to register for school, please send them to the CRPUSD Registration Website.