Life Changing News

McCall Denny

The Abuelo's (a)

Once Abuelo was forced to go his his grandfather in the Nursing Home he noticed they had something in common. Abuelo the boy was named after his grandfather, Abuelo. So then Abuelo started asking him questions and started getting to know him! Once they satrted talking they still didnt know each other. Abuelos grandfather noticed Abuelo kept looking down at his watch lke he wanted to leave. Then Abuelos grandfather wanted to read the short story about his life. He told Abuelo he wanted to be a teacher and he had always had a good education. So now Abuelo started to get to know more about his grandfather. Afterall it was poetry day at the nursing home so Abuelos grandfather had to go. Then his grandfather went down the hall and Abuelo left but he didn't want to be in hurry so his mother wouldn't get mad at him for rushing.

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A Fight Brewing? (b)

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas have heard of a big fight coming up! The twp bestfriends will have to fight each other. No one really knows who to go for because the two bestfriends have never had to fight each other. What will happen? If you want to find out the fight will be held December 5, 2013.

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The Death of the Month (d)

It was a normal day when a lady gets her pocketbook stolen. She started chasing the boy who had taken it and broke a heel so now she was even madder. Ther boy started digging the the purse and found a gun so he pulled it out and shot the lady. After a couple of days had passed someone finally saw her and called 911. The police came and took some DNA. They found the boy in a different country and brought him back they charged him with murder and stealing. This boy went to jail for life. The lady's funeral will be held on christmas day beacuse that was the lady's birthday.

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Scammed? (f)

Dear Principal,

I do not think it is fair that we have to pay for the valedictorian jacket. My daughter has earned this jacket and i would like to talk to you about this. Even though the other girl has more money and her father owns a store means nothing. If you make my daughter pay she wouldnt be able to get the jacket she has been working towards for years and it also wouldnt be as special. Please look into this if you can this is a mistake.


Martha's Grandfather

Dear Martha,

I have thought long about your request and you are right. It would not be fair if I made you pay for the jacket. At the beginning of the year we had told you that you would earn this jacket but now we are making you pay. So we will let you have the jacket without paying for it because it would not be fair.


The Principal

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Seventh Grade (c)

A boy very much loved a girl but he was in the hospital with cancer. So he never got to see this girl. A couple days later she came in the hospital room and hse saw him and they had a converstion. He told his mother he was trying to stay alive and fight for her. A couple of days later he died and everyone was devasated. His funeral is held in december hisf amily only wants a couple people there. This boy was just in the seventh grade.
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