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February 3, 2017


Here is your bi-weekly Falcon Report. We hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to check out our website and Facebook page. We like to keep them as up-to-date as possible with information that you'll be interested in. We hope that you'll enjoy keeping up with our school's happenings as the year goes along.

From the District Administrator's Office

We have a long standing tradition of a strong music program here at Flambeau. Our elementary programs are always so well attended, and our choir and band programs truly bring something unique and entertaining to our community. Dedicated students and staff are the keys to our success. I know I always look forward to hearing our students share their talents. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities they provide us and support another one of our treasures of Flambeau Schools.

I hope you enjoy this week's Falcon Report - to feature our music program. These shining stars of Flambeau certainly have earned some special recognition in our school.

-- Mr. Hanson

From the Elementary Principal's Office

It is amazing how fast the first semester the went. It is always impressive to see how many new skills the students learn each semester that they are able to build on each year of their schooling. If you have any questions about your students learning, make sure to contact their teacher.

I am thankful we were able to have one of our partnerships in last week to assist our students. Bright Smiles were able to have oral hygienists put on a sealant, fluoride varnish, and review oral hygiene with students that signed up for the dental program. It is great that students were able to get the service here at school.

-- Mr. Ross

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From the Middle/High School Principal's Office

Research has found that learning music facilitates learning in other subject areas and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas of their education and lives beyond school. From an article found on PBS Parents, six different topics were highlighted as benefits of music in child development: language development, increased IQ, larger growth of neural activity in the brain, increased spatial intelligence, improved test scores, and an increased ability for children to learn other nonmusical tasks. If you would like to read deeper into this article please visit:

It is always a pleasure to watch or hear of our students performing, singing in Christmas programs, the band playing at basketball games, Show Choir competing against area schools, or students participating in Solo & Ensemble—keep up the great work! Thank you Mrs. Mudgett, Mrs. Leonhard, and Mr. Slembarski for having such a passion for teaching more than just music to our students!

From the words of Plato, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything….without music, life would be an error.”

-- Mrs. Schley

From the Athletic Director's Office

OLS WEEKEND!!!!! While being interviewed for a state tournament game, a reporter asked that what laid ahead would probably be the highlight of my coaching career to that point. My response was probably not. I told the reporter that winning the OLS tournament was the highlight of my coaching life. Needless to say he didn't get it, but I was serious. Every junior high kid that are interested in basketball is counting down the hours, the minutes to tip off. Many are awaiting the Super Bowl this weekend, but in 1976 I was waiting for a weekend of basketball hysteria in Ladysmith! Good Luck Flambeau Junior High!

For those not attending the OLS tournament, you might want to check out our Show Choir headed to Eau Claire Memorial this weekend. I noticed it was featured on Wake Up Wisconsin this week. The choreography and mastering of song is a balance our kids work long and hard for, good luck!

If you see a FFA member next week ask them how the rodeo went. Our FFA and chaperones will be attending a nationally syndicated rodeo in St. Paul on Saturday.

Our wrestlers begin their journey to Madison this weekend by wrapping up the regular season with a conference tournament in Cameron. They will follow that up with regionals next weekend. If you can't make it to watch you can always listen on WLDY/WJBL. Larry Villiard and the Johnson boys do a fantastic job broadcasting those area matches.

Plenty to do and see so if you have time come and check out what our kids are up to.

-- Mr. Alberson

Cassie Freeman Pursuing Music at UWEC

Senior Cassie Freeman was ecstatic to hear that she was accepted to UW-Eau Claire as a percussion major for next year. Cassie had to audition for her spot and competed against many other seniors around the state for just one of very few open positions. She will be starting after 2012 alumni Andrew Nicholson will be graduating with a Bachelor of Music Education degree. We are so proud of all of our students!

Flambeau High School Band

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Flambeau Concert Choir

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Flambeau High School Show Choir - Sound Dimension

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Flambeau Middle School Show Choir - Singing Sensations

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Second Chance Breakfast - NEW!

We have started a Second Chance Breakfast for 6th through 12th grades! This is still a free meal for all middle and high school students that have not participated during the first breakfast in the cafeteria. We roll carts down to each pod between 1st and 2nd hour. The students can stop by on their way to class and grab a quick breakfast. This meal consists of a juice, milk, fresh fruit or craisins, and a cereal bar. Once in a while we will throw in the option of a Smuckers PB&J. If a student has already eaten the first meal and would like to partake in the second chance breakfast, they may pay $2.00 in cash for the complete meal or $1 for just the cereal bar.

We are very excited about Second Chance Breakfast. This is one more opportunity for students to get that nutritional boost to get their brains moving in the morning. Many studies have proven that a well-balanced breakfast is very important for students. It improves grades, behavior, and health. I know I have a hard time concentrating when I am hungry.

-- Mrs. Anderson

Super Bowl Party Recipe - Green Olive Fresh Salsa

The Super Bowl is this weekend! Here is a healthy and very yummy favorite of mine. I make this quite often and always get requests for the recipe. This makes a pretty big bowl of salsa, perfect for sharing at your Super Bowl party.

Green Olive Fresh Salsa

8 Roma Tomatoes, diced

2 Red Peppers, diced

2 Green Peppers, diced

1 Large Onion, diced

Jalapeno Peppers, diced (optional)

2-4 Garlic Cloves, minced

1 (21oz) jar pimento stuffed green olives, drained and chopped

Put all into a large bowl

Mix together:

2 Tbs. Olive Oil

1/3 Cup White Vinegar

2-3 Tbs. Mrs. Wages Salsa Mix

Add to the salsa mixture. Toss together and serve with tortilla chips.

This is a recipe you can adjust to your taste. If you like it spicy, add jalapenos. If you want more garlic, put it in. Add yellow peppers if you like. Keep in mind that this is a fresh salsa, so it only lasts a few days.

Have a great week!

Carrie Anderson

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