30 Years War


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The Thirty Years war was a series of conflicts fought amongst many european powers. The conflict took place between 1618 and 1648, with Ferdinand the II, the prospective king of the Holy Roman Empire, enforcing the entire domain of the Holy Roman Empire into Catholicism. This caused Bohemia and Austria to rebell, the formation of this rebellion and the conflict that ensued served as the most clear start of the conflict. The conflict began escalate and spread after Ferdinand defeated the rebellion and Sweden and Denmark saw this as an opportunity to take German land. Ultimately, this conflict was between the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg, which is a chain of Protestant states primarily consisting of the Netherland and Sweden. There was a similar conflict between France and another Habsburg in Spain.


Root Cause: differences in religious viewpoints and practices among European nations and territories.

Direct Cause: Ferdinand II enforcing Catholicism on Bohemia and Austria.

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Key Events(Course)

1618 - Start of the War with the Defenestration of Prague

1619 - Bohemia doesn't give the crown to Emperor Ferdinand and Emperor Defeats Bohemia and enforces catholicism

1623 - Protestant states ally against emperor. Emperor Wins

1624 - Protestant country Dutch(Netherlands) and Catholic Spain join

1625 - Danish forces try to attack Emperor forces and give up in 1629

1630 - Sweden Moves into enemy territory and wins many battles

1632 - Aldolphus is killed in The Battle of Luten

1634 - Wallenstein is murdered

1635 - Catholic France finances Protestant countries Holland and Sweden

1639 - Catholic Spain loses control of the Atlantic sea route.

1648 - Emperor surrenders: Treaty of Westphalia


Treaty of Westphalia which was signed in 1648

8,000,000 casualties

Decline in power of the Catholic Church

Calvinism was legally recognized

Protestant princes allowed to continue religious practices

Rise of the Swedish Empire

States inside the Holy Roman Empire were at peace

Outcome helped to end the age of religious wars

Dutch got independence from Spain

Creation of a new system of political order in central Europe

Main SIgnificance

The Thirty Years War was mainly focused in the divided Holy Roman Empire. The war was between the Protestant and Catholic states. The war was ended by the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia. This gave the ruler of the land the decision of which religion will be practiced in his lands.

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