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Playmate of the Year | Edition 18 | May 3, 2016

This Week In Tech

If you work for a tech company, you should know about tech. You know, so you can make the unsuspecting stranger you lock eyes with on line for coffee or sitting next to you on your flight think that you're a lot more informed than you probably are (or is that just me?). Here's this week's top stories:


Who: goButler, formerly the "everything assistant" that lets you virtually request anything on demand. Formerly.
What: Tech Crunch reported in March that goButler was headed for the grave, which is partially true. Instead of spontaneously combusting, goButler shifted its focus, and transitioned into it's current business of fully-automated discovery, starting with flight search and discovery.
When: Now.
Puff Style: "It doesn't look like they're going to be in business much longer," cried economic analysts about goButler and every other delivery service in the country, crushed by the Godzilla foot of goPuff's success. Well, not really. But they will.
So What? A lot of on-demand companies are slacking right now, and it shows: in reviews, in word of mouth, in straight up company overhauls. Their slack means our salvage; we don't have to try and convince users that we're faster and cheaper, because we are the fastest and the cheapest. But boasting an inimitable service isn't enough - we have to be what we brand. Now's the time to be the best.

F*ck An Eggplant Emoji

Who: Giphy x iOS.
What: Giphy just launched a keyboard called Giphy Keys for iPhone users, which you can use for any app you want, including iMessage and Snapchat.
When: This week.
Puff Style: Now, instead of texting Jorida about which ice creams are out of stock, you can just send her a GIF of Hillary Clinton dabbing and hope she knows what you mean.
So What? We've dabbled with GIFs on our own app (the Munchie category in February sported a Superbowl GIF) because we're like, such, trendsetters.

Trending, brought to you by Rappers Eating


Drake once said, "Got so many chains they call me Channing Tatum." He also said, "First name Supply, last name Chain," but that verse got cut from the final Views tracklist. Here's your Supply Chain 101:


Plan B, water, eggs, milk, toilet paper, Bounty, Glacier Freeze Gatorade (among others).
If you're thinking of an item that you'd be pissed is out of stock when you walk into a convenience store, then we should not be out of stock of it either.

Paper is for people who don't care about the Earth. But one sheet of paper also can't be in eight cities at once, therefore, the Sold Out Products list is now a Google doc. Keep it on your desktops and constantly updated!

TOP PRODUCTS (we'll share these every week)
1. Nerds Rope
2. Water
3. Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies
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On Thursday we Happy Hour! Well, sort of. A special Cinco de Mayo category will be up for the day!

Draught Horse - Philly - (White Girl) Wednesday, May 3
Johnny Pistolas - DC - Thursday, May 5
South Street Spring Fest - Philly - Saturday, May 7


This "interview" may not be as funny as usual or include any references to Endri's accent as usual, but it's IMPORTANT. We surveyed (and will continue to survey) our customers. Here's what they said.

How did you hear about goPuff?
#1 Answer: a friend.
#2 Answer: Facebook.
This means: word of mouth works. Completing a perfect order (on time, packaged right) is crucial because people talk.

How would you rate our service?
#1 Answer: Good. I will use it again and tell several friends.
#2 Answer: Unbelievable. I will tell everyone I know and never leave my house again.
This means: There's always room for improvement.

What could have made your experience better?
"Having delivery on time."
"Friendlier delivery drivers."
"Shorter delivery times."
"Driver consistency - some walk upstairs to my apartment, some wait in the lobby."
This means: keep hustling.