Northeast HS Newsletter

October - November 2020

What is your Child's Learning Pulse?

As we prepare for the second quarter, caregivers, please discuss with your child the following:

  1. · What are you learning in class?
  2. · What are your grades and attendance?
  3. · If you do not understand, how can your teacher support you?
  4. · If you understand the material, then teach me what you learn.

Caregivers, I believe if you ask your child these questions, a conversation about their learning will produce a more engaged student in the classroom and home. Please continue to review Tyler to check your child's grades and attendance daily and weekly.

If you need more information about Tyler, please send an email to or call 816-418-3300 and ask for Ms. Tina Swartz or Ms. Sheila Jackson for support.


Principal Dr. Ervin

Go Vote! - November 3, 2020

Let us encourage everyone to partake in one of our fundamental freedoms - voting. If you are 18, please vote and let your voice be heard.

Do you know where to vote? Please review the following website.

Community Clean Up Day with Northeast HS Students

The following students dedicated three hours to support the community with Shay and Northeast Alum, Shyne, from the Shay and Shyne morning Show.

Nobella - 12th , Si - 10th, Alejandro -10th, Nobarie - 10th, Isai - 11th

Elizabeth - 11th, Suki 12th , Pwe - 10th, Guadalupe - 10th, Kamaya - 9th

Kessence - 10th, Nimo - 12th, Dajonna ?, Anthony ?, Ciara - 9th

Is it an A-Day or B-Day?

Please review our school calendar for events.