Mark Twain's Life

Kailey Bahmann Period 3


  • His birth name is Samuel Longhorn Clemens
  • He was born on November 30, 1835
  • Birth place is in Florida, Missouri
  • Haley's comet was in the sky on the day he was born
  • His parents names are John and Jane Clemens

Early Childhood

  • He is the sixth child out of seven
  • When he was 4 his family moved to Hannibal
  • Mark's father passed away of pneumonia in 1847
  • At the age of 11 Mark worked as a typesetter in 1851
  • At age 18 Mark left his job and became a printer in New York City


  • Mark had no formal schooling
  • Mark was a keen learner as a child
  • He widened his knowledge by finding books in the public library
  • He dropped out of school in 1847
  • Wrote many travel letters


  • Mark worked at Virginia City Newspaper
  • He went to San Fransisco and worked as a lecturer and a journalist
  • Wrote a collection of travel letters
  • He enjoyed writing stories
  • He wrote advice for young girls


  • Mark married Olivia Livy Langdon in 1870
  • Had 1 son he died at 18 months old
  • He had 3 Daughters name Susy, Clara, and Jean
  • Son passed away of diphtheria
  • Had 6 other siblings


  • Liked to give advice to young girls
  • He liked to collect