No benefits to gaming? Think again

By: Ben Tanke

Increases Reaction Time

There are many reasons that video games are a good thing. Video games can increase your reaction time which is good. While your driving if something goes into the road you can quickly stop avoiding accidents. Some jobs also call for a good reaction time like if your in the secret service, or in the military. It may also come in handy in some life scenarios.
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Social Benefits

Not only does playing video games help your reaction time, but it also has social benefits. Playing video games helps family's play and bond together. Video games can also sometimes extend into the real world to, for example a facebook employee promised to the public how ever many people played this facebook game in a certin streach of time, that's how many trees he would plant. It also increases social skills because some games allow you to play with real people which increases your social skills.

Educational Benefits

Some video games are educational too. Some games can help kids with math or reading skills through a interactive game format which is an essential for parents and schools. Video games are a big help for multitasking ability, some games have many controls to use at once for example the "Call of Duty" games call for moving, looking, shooting, and jumping all at once after a while you get used to it and multitasking is made easier. Plus, they increase brain activity making multitasking, thinking, listening, and hearing easier. Which is a great thing for everyone .